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Prelude to the Piano: A Poem

Audrey's love for piano began at age six. She's a professional pianist for cruises, hotels and community events. Teaching is her passion..

To Know the Piano is to Understand Music

"I am here for you", whispers the piano. I would listen and be forever connected to this astonishing instrument.

"I am here for you", whispers the piano. I would listen and be forever connected to this astonishing instrument.

The Piano Opened the Gate to My Musical Journey and My Life

The piano has not only been a source of musical knowledge for me, but it has also taught me about life itself. My introduction to this fantastic instrument began at the ripe old age of 6, and the piano and I became close friends. With my very first piano lesson, I would release my emotions even with the simplest of pieces.

As I sat for hours at the piano, practicing scales, these musical ladders became not just notes to play but a pathway to nature or a beautiful distraction from the harsh mouth of my mother on a bad day.

The piano opened the gate to my musical journey that influenced my life from that day on. Little did I know that I would one day become a professional pianist and support three children with the money I brought in from teaching piano and performing on cruise lines and an array of other venues.

I studied the classical works of such composers as Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Ravel, Mozart, Schubert, and a host of other masters of the pianoforte. These artists became my heroes and personal friends as I read one biography after another.

I cried as I learned of their abuse, struggles, and hurdles they overcame. These great composers taught me the meaning of perseverance and dedication. My character was formed between the pages of impossible musical passages to scale and perfect.

I celebrate with gratitude and humility this beautiful instrument and the possibilities still awaiting within its heartstrings.

Playing Piano Gives The Brain a Marvelous Workout

Author, performing for a benefit in Nashville, Tn.

Author, performing for a benefit in Nashville, Tn.

Prelude to the Piano

Embedded within the black and whites

Sweet music claims my soul

A ladder of melodious passages

Yet to be complete

Webbed by the touch of human weakness

Still sprinkled with determination

Masters compositions revealing bold genius

Waiting to rise once more

Voices declare both pain and joy

Where painted notes meet eager fingers

And life begins again

The storytellers form life's experience

"Touch me" cries the lonely piano

"Breath life into my empty shell

Give me wings that I might fly

Bless my strings with prayers of sound"

Floating sound waves embrace all mankind

Medieval scores not notes but neumes

Melodic figures rise and fall

Gregorian chant, the Latin's gift

A caravan of colors bring forth kinesthetic imagery

Emerging eyes of harmonies

Reveal musics deepest structures

Intertwined patterns transform the human heart

The piano plays no wrong notes

It's body made by forests

A golden harp of musical strings

Mirror my spirit, thoughts, and needs

Eighty-eight keys to fill the universe with breath of life

A million colors release cosmic voices between each key

The planets music, comets glow

Beloved by the multitudes

Releasing passion, immerse the soul

Rich, diverse and wonderful

Strengthens ability to listen deeply

The shaping of the invisible

Chopin Nocturnes, intimate compositions

Suffuse the soul with moonlight

Beethoven's ninth celebrates the brotherhood of man

Awe-inspiring transformation of darkness to light

Jewel-like piano pieces

Unique miniature characterization

Impressionistic style

Explosive, incendiary, compellingly rhythmic

Patterns of tension and release

The music leads the listener along a path

Motion, stillness, melodic highs and lows

Leading to musical expectations, surprises, and fulfillment.

Father of the Pianoforte, Bartolomeo Cristofori

Bartolomeo Cristofori, inventor of the piano, made in the 1700's in Florence, Italy.

Bartolomeo Cristofori, inventor of the piano, made in the 1700's in Florence, Italy.

My Rendition of Claire de Lune/Smile


© 2018 Audrey Hunt

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