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Predominantly Black Coffee Mood Setting

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Received a small sliver of good news after a few rough months

Thought the universe was throwing one difficult test after another

Unable to get a break after so many curveballs missed the bat

Earned a few sharp welts on the backside when not looking

Caught off guard at least twice due to something else

Catching the eye and removing focus on tasks at hand

Haven't been able to move too far ahead without getting pulled

Back into a direction that's been done way too many times before

Zeroed in on a miniscule plan kept under wraps for safety purposes

Don't want to get hopes up after falling to the ground numerous times

Unprepared and ran out of band aids to cover up the ground cuts

Pride wounded more than anything superficial that can't be fixed

Embarrassed to expect the best in people when world went mad

Showcased the worst of the worst in human nature

Never seemed to change after so much time passed

Unwavering respect went out the window sooner than this

Pandemic brought it up to the forefront due to inactivity

Rather than being a background character polluting scenery

Made the once pristine white clouds a smoky gray haze

Tried to find the horizon amongst this madness difficult

Cannot see ten inches in front and even less in back

Wondered why always the one to cut holes in parade floats

Developed a keen cynicism after years of experience

Hard to break well established habits overnight

Searching for a sense of positivity after so many false starts

Too many misdirects of what happiness represented

Partners who put up a huge front to hide truth

Friends who pretended to be interested; while screening calls

Family that loved unconditionally to the point logic blinded them

Weeding out the not so genuine souls who enjoyed manipulation

Over realistic emotions and long lasting relationships

Still a work in progress, but getting better at spotting fakes

Metal detector been in the shop; until now

Ready to see if it was worth the work

Only time will tell.

A cup of coffee that represents current mood.

A cup of coffee that represents current mood.

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