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Pre-Game Day Panic Session

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Monday mornings always carried a sense of dread

Preparing for the onslaught of the coming work week

Wondered what fresh mud laced surprises came up

As soon as the laptop was opened up and logged into

Which email came with the latest curveball with it

Headed down the pike aiming for my head

Trying to move away from the oncoming ball

Unable to do so from shock, fright and whatever else

Broadsided by the impact of that fastball head on

Knocked down to the ground from it

Worst headache and hangover combined

Hard to describe current predicament

Aware that tomorrow's appointment had to proceed

Needed to be nipped in the bud beforehand

Filled with a sense of unshakable dread

Difficult to shake it when wondering over next obstacle

Understood that life would never be smooth sailing

Craved to have at least one week break from this

Completely over the motion sickness from choppy waters

Taken so many pills that they resembled placebos

Had many voices of support; lucky for that

And the fact that this was caught a lot earlier

Told that nervousness very normal for what's going on

Waking up this morning simply made it more real

Intense feelings of a million ants crawling around my body

Nerves jumpier than ever; hard to believe that was possible

Focused on being upbeat after such an emotional downturn

Keeping fingers crossed that things will go well tomorrow

Glad that this doctor knew their stuff

Just wished it had to happen in the first place

Lucky to have someone experienced enough to help

Dreamt that it was possible to be in the movie Click

Use a magical remote control and skip over the hard part

Sadly, reality never like an Adam Sandler movie

Preparing for the next step before the main event

Ready to score a goal and jump over this hurdle

Time to get started in this race

Praying that I'll win this time.

Preparing for the big day, easier said than done.

Preparing for the big day, easier said than done.

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