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The Final Prayer


The Final Prayer

When the sun comes tumbling down
And the days have gone stealth,

When the darkness makes you frown
And there's neither health or wealth,

When there is no one close to hold
And everyone seems fake,

When the whole world has gone cold,
And life has pulled it's brake,

When those you love forget to care
yet you feel no hurt or pain,

When there's no longer unrest or fear
Your mind used to contain,

When time becomes unjust, unfair,
What would be your earnest prayer?

Farah N Huq

In times of utter despair, we often look up to the Almighty for a solution. The poem depicts such a state of mind that has lost its emotions in affliction, and doesn't know what to ask for in supplication.


© 2020 Farah N Huq

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