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Prayer the Carrier of Breath


Creator, I ask You to please send, and grant the anointed and authorized permission,

Which descends only from You, the only path to absolute ascension;

Bestow what is needed in this dire hour,

Before the sweet hour of prayer heads back to the breath of inspiration;

Let not my heart forget all the benefits of words I need to fulfil my role,

This great privilege called prayer, is indeed a call:

Please dispense the balm of repentance to save, heal and to perfume,

The atmosphere and air towards the shift towards complete reconciliation;

Of all things and people to its original order,

Sin did knock all down, do allow repentance to pick up the fallen;

That there will not be a turn to unrepentance or unbelief for answers to issues,

The heart can only understand;

Those issues that it couldn’t and hasn’t answered to date, send the answer,

Heal this country’s diseases and wounds,

Prepare a habitation fit for inhabitants, not ownership of avarice;

Not just this country, but every country,

Unrest and unease are without and within boundaries;

Respect has been evicted and impeached,

People can be impeached;

Moreover, the qualities needed for resolution can not be ignored,

The topics cannot be impeached, this attitude causes more distress;

Let it be known, if you sow discord reap it in sync to the idea,

So that bitterness does not spring up as a toxic weed;

Let cloaked agendas producing adversity, cease from troubling,

Whereby many are defiled because of hidden grudges;

Masking themselves under self deception which leads to self destruction,

Reveal that war is not civil and it is not civil to be at war:

Why? If I offend me, peace is not still,

How? I didn’t activate the disciplined principles I needed, not to offend others;

Or acknowledge the only thing which calms me, giving serenity,

I repent towards correction, inspection and respecting;

Perfection is a distance away, but time, has granted me mercy,

Whereby, I am allowed glimpses of the ideal;

Of how not to spread consequential theories,

That agree with dictates of wanting someone else to suffer;

Instead grant me the desire that none should suffer grief,

Suffering was not created, it was programmed and packaged that way;

Make sin and suffering defeated foes, destined for fire,

Despite their rebellion without a cause;

Disable the infecting the well being of inhabitant, citizen, and leadership,

I realize that I must humble myself and pray in the magnitude of this premise;

Help me to turn 180 towards the desired 360 degree turn,

Not attempting a return to where I have not first turned;

Allowing me a full turn, I am still its novice in the attempt and achievement,

However, I ascertain that the principle is in active motion;

As a striving energy that authenticates its reality,

Likened to the genuine precept needed for all resolves;

The fervent and effectual prayer which only repentance understands,

The ought to know of prayer;

Which I should at least be able to discern and detect,

The balm is the remedy and the cure;

For all that is necessary to heal the people in the land,

It is not by might, nor is it by powerlessness;

By the act of individual repentance, and prayer,

The need for the power within not to deny;

The truth of the unexamined life paving the road to merely loss of life,

But, loss of soul. as well;

What will one give in exchange for a soul?

Repentance forms stairs only breath can climb,

Prayer is the only rung to ask for help.

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