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Prayer of the Old Ones - Lovecraftian Hymn

Author's Notes

I wanted to write something tonight but have a great deal of different hub topics that I plan to cover and as always I have trouble with picking a topic - that and basic lack of motivation.

So I figured rather than delve into some in-depth topic I'd try to write a poem/song - they tend to come to me a bit easier. So seeing as how much of my fiction related stuff here on hubpages is Lovecraft themed I figured I'd sort of mix that with the religion topic I cover in the rest of my hubs. This is in a similar vein to the poem The Elder City which I posted at the end of my The Graves of Mars story. So here, for all horror fans and Lovecraft enthusiasts - and people who want to convert to the religion of The Old Ones - is the Prayer of the Old Ones, a hymn to be song at dark masses which bears an eerie resemblance to exactly the sort of lyrics we'd see in a Christian hymn or hear some fundamentalist talking about the End Times say.

Prayer of the Old Ones

All hail the god of chaos

Great Azathoth our Lord

Who rests beyond no longer

Who is silent no more

He who now dwells within us

The avatar of madness

The stars they have proclaimed

Glory to He Who Shall Not Be Named

And in the city of R'lyeh

And Ardoron in the deep

The great Cthulhu ever reigns

Madness from his slumber seeps

Creeping horrors fill our dreams

From the abyss crossed on black wings

And outer darkness so complete

Our sanity can only flee

The blackened stones of elder zones

Rise to consume spirit and bone

And from beyond starlight's grasp

Come the true gods of aeons past

To put mankind back in its place

Mere servants to the elder race

In praise we lift our voices high

To undead horrors still alive

The Old Ones shall teach us things

How to murder how to scream

And revel in the lust for blood

That our ancestors once had loved

To undo the righteous work of man

And give us the one true religion

From the endless light-less void

They return and we rejoice

Open the gate, undo the locks

Welcome our lord Yog-Sothoth

Who is the living door and host

To summon the unholy gods

From black suns long ages dead

Shub-Niggurath raises her head

She birthed into the world her young

To spread the truth of the Old Ones

They are worshiped by migo and man

At black altars and rites we stand

And dance among the standing stones

To hasten the end of all the world

From unhallowed depths of time they rise

Waiting until the stars are right

To set upon this globe we hold

And take back all that they once owned

And so Lord Azathoth we pray

For chaos to birth the final day

And we your servants only seek

To be part of the madness you unleash

The will of the Old Ones now be done

Go forth and spread the news!

Pray the time of man be forgot

They will rise again soon!

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