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Prayer: The Soul's Safest Haven

Ruby writes from the Philippines. Aside from writing, she enjoys organic gardening and researching anything useful and helpful.


Prayer: The Soul’s Safest Haven

When you are lonely, pray.

When you are sad, pray.

When you are depressed, pray.

When you are discouraged, pray.

When your life becomes tough, pray.

When your road becomes rough, pray.

When your battle is fierce, pray.

When you feel hopeless, pray.

When you don’t know what to do, pray.

Prayer makes you glad when you are sad.

Prayer unloads your heavy heart,

It provides you comfort when you are lonely.

Prayer offers you a lift when your spirit is down,

It brightens your face when you seem to frown.

Prayer lightens your heart,

It unloads your worries and turn them over to God.

Prayer brightens your day,

It makes you happy when your days are gray.

Prayer is the heart’s stronghold,

It is a strong citadel that God gives you,

It is your soul’s safest haven ever.

© 2022 Ruby Campos