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Powerful Words Of Demotivated Hope: A Self-motivational Poem

Shibangi is very sensitive to emotional situations. Rather than holding all the emotions within herself, she brings it out in form of poems.

The people around me
are filled with so much energy
I should be too, I thought
affected by theirs
But why about myself
I feel so slummy?

Why motivation only adheres to me
and do not absorb within my soul?
Why even after throwing
disappointment too far,
it comes to me again
bouncing back like a ping-pong ball?

Then I tried to find
among stacks of hopelessness
a bright light of hope,
deciding already if it's even too tiny
it would completely work.

After some time
rummaging through
the shelves of my mind,
a thing caught my attention
Oh! There was it
whom I've been searching
for so long.

But what all I saw was
hope had been bruised
its shelter was also in ruins
and its light was almost gone.

I asked
"Why are you so shabby?"

Startled by my voice
suddenly anger raised in its eyes,
"You're the one!
for whom I've been devastated
No, don't get shocked
upon this accusation,
The motivating words
you pen down
all of them
are just overrated! "

"Motivation makes me breathe
and you've chocked me
distancing both of us,
You want to live
all by yourself
But remember, I don't! "

The words blurted out
gave rise to a thought
that actually helped me
to recover from my gloominess
and I was able
to squeeze my soul out
of negative thoughts.

Motivation is not a showoff
It's a much-needed power booster
Not just words will make it worthwhile
But your actions must define your words

And it won't enter into you
until you need it
until you've the courage
to throw out
All the bad attractions.
If you ever succeed
just wait and watch
how the bruised hope recovers speedily
and build a lot of huge success mansions.

© 2020 Shibangi Das

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