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Power of Music, a Poem

Genevieve is a aspiring poet and writer who loves to read. Book recommendations are encouraged! All genres welcome

To me, my love of music knows no end. I play the violin, mostly for myself, as well as an avid listener of classical music. Music is a very powerful force in my life, that has allowed me to push past many challenges in life.Music can be very powerful as it has the power to break even the thickest barriers. It can connect people and bring people together. Music is at the foundation of lots of art. Dance requires music to dance to. All music tells a tale. It is a story, someone's struggles or their triumphs. It can express the most powerful emotions without a single word. A picture can be a thousands words and a collection of music could be someones life story. This poem has been inspired by the power of music to change lives.

Power of music

I am the wave of sound flowing through your ears

the soft undulating rhythms of the heart

That understand your soul

and soothes your mind.

The lilting melodies springing from your hands

and calms the confused mind

and croons that everything is going to be alright

while the world is spinning circles around you.

Shut out everything unnecessary to you

and helps you focus on the now

making life seem simpler

and pushing you on to the right path.

The melodic harmonies permeate the air

making everyone breathe a sign of relief

as we all sway along with the rhythm

and hold our breaths with the time

In this second you are all I need

to bring my joy and peace within

induced by the power

of your quiet assurances

I hope you will be able to appreciate music as I have been able to. Good day and happy listening to you all.

Genevieve Brooks


© 2018 Genevieve Brooks