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Power of Freedom

As Yoyo lay in his bed at 5am Wondering what the day had in store, he pulled out his phone and began to type...Live Life And Write

San Diego

Trail Mix Adventures


June 12 2019

“TrailMix #Adventures”

By Yoni

The leaflets were sent out above the city

“Leave now before we drop a load”

The red leaflets fell from the airplanes

Clear as day, while the blood fell through the air.

Red had been all they could see, leaking from the sky were the signs.

Some took it seriously while others stayed and went about with their day.

A class nearby learning history with the focus on Mount Tambora and it’s comparison to Vesuvius. The school continued as if all was well.

The teacher simply felt best to continue the classes and proceeded on with the day.

The hours had began to pass

With every second counting the teacher asked the class to turn to page

Pandemonium Erupted!

Sirens start to blair as the chaos began.

“Hit the deck! Under your desks!”

Chaos, craze, panic all around.

The one kid looked at the window

Then up at the sky

Walked to the hallway through pandemonium.

Papers and backpacks, people trampled

All heading for the main door rather than the shelter down below. **Roared**


Everything started to quaver immensely

The heat felt overwhelming

Hard to breath.

Astray in an abyss

The life all around began to dismiss

The notice was there

Like time after time

History is ill

Learn from mistakes

Or swallow the pill

The one which comes in a form called reality.

SnapBack to reality, like they would all say

Oh there goes gravity.

Like slim, Mista Shady

Marshall what you’d think of that night?

Wakes up with VR goggles on and hits his head again



© 2019 YoloWithYoyo

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