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Power That Create Mirrors

Power That Create Mirrors

Whatever is seen,

The experiences through which others or we have been,

What we have heard,

The sounds and the words,

In our mind all we bury,

And they take the form of memories.

Into our thoughts and beliefs they are turned,

And in our mind they frequently run.

Things seen enter our mind fast,

Anything repeated,in our mind forever lasts.

With anything when we are for a long time phrase,

In our mind deeper it gets and for longer it stays.

We learn from the things we see and are told,

Into our thoughts and beliefs they get mold.

They start to guide,

Their instructions we follow and abide.

Whatever instructions they send,

Accordingly,our emotions and actions adapt and blend.

So external factors play a great role,

In shaping us as a whole.

So ,when to positivity we are exposed,

In our mind,positive thoughts,beliefs and emotion grows.

So,a chain of thoughts and events run in our mind that are similar and related.

And we start feeling positive and elated.


Power To Create Mirrors

Power To Create Mirrors

Thus,always put your thought,time and energy into things that positive makes you feel,

That creates thoughts and beliefs of enthusiasm and zeal.

In positives,thought and time one should invest,

In order to live life filled with enthusiasm and zest.

When with positivity and vigour you are filled with,

You reach the zenith.

You become a soul that's lively and ardent,

And not a soul that is lifeless and torment.

So a positive environment is necessary for a positive mindset to rise.

This positive mindset will in turn see the world through its eyes.

So beautiful the world will start to appear,

It would be full of excitement and cheer.

So in our environment,just a seed of positivity needs to be sown,

For a forest of divinity to be grown.

That makes the air divine and pure.

When inhaled,it makes us and our mind healthier and happier and we get cured.

Negativity leaves,

Giving rise to positive thoughts and beliefs and with it, the beautiful life we perceive.

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