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Poverty And I.

Hertha enjoys writing about real life experiences. Her imagination and improving analytical skills allows her write about anything.


Poverty and I are enemies that are always around each other.

Poverty follows me everywhere I go,

It's like my shadow,

It's like my roots.

Poverty and I go shopping sometimes,

It doesn't let me buy chicken nor meat as it's too expensive,

I can't even buy the clothes I want,

Sometimes I don't even have enough money to buy salt because poverty led me into buying alcohol with it the other day out of depression,

Poverty and I also go love hunting sometimes,

Even before I utter a word poverty has already spoken and the lady ran away,

Poverty allows women to insult me like trash,

I am a good person but poverty does not allow people to see that or even give me a chance to show it,

Poverty and I also go to family functions sometimes,

When my family sees me they don't respect me because I turned up with poverty,

They also treat me badly and talk to me however,

Sometimes they invite me to go work the party and not because they want me there.

Poverty and I have been to school once,

People looked at me with pitty and some with fear,

Some children called me names and laughed at my torn uniform,

Poverty just never lets me have my peace.

Poverty and I sometimes wonder if we will ever break up,

I am tired of it and what it has done to my mental health,

I am working hard to get rid of it though,

But sometimes it seems as if there is no way out of depressing relationship.

© 2020 Hertha David

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