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Pots Have Not Been Broken

I like adding life to lifeless lives that is why I cannot do without creative writing, because it is a way of touching some hopeless lives


She was going to

Twenty years while he

Was going to twenty-one

Years when they fell in love.

They were neighborhood lovers

And became cynosure of

All eyes, peers envying

Them for their relationship

Some in the neighborhood

Who do not want

Them be together gathered

Against them in planning

Their first plan against

Them did not work

As they discovered the

Lies enmeshed in it

Evil people like envious

People do not relent

In their efforts thus

They came up with another

This plan involved many

Was master plan which

Was well laid out

Against the neighborhood lovers

Executing the plan was

Nay difficult as people

Involved have trained severally

For the act

On the D-day they

Carried out the plan

Stolen properties and implicating

The guy as the culprit

Was arrested investigations carried

Out and was found

Guilty dragged to court

And was sentenced to 40 years

Before sentencing she approached

Him to confide in her

If he really carried out

The act

He denied putting her in

Remembrance of what was

Doing at that time

She believed him

After sentencing visited in

Prison reiterated her love

For him that she

Would wait for him

Implored her nay to

Wait because by the

Time he’s released she

Would be old in her menopause

Replied him not to

Raise that issue again

For her love for

Him was total and exclusive

Saying a proverb, their

Pots are not broken

Its only water that’s

Poured off, its only separation

Adding that she would

Get to the root

Of the matter. Several

Attempts made failed

At getting to root

Of the case but

She couldn’t for those

People covered their tracks well

Used to visit him

Monthly at prison but

Was moved away from

Prison he was to another

She was not told

Where he was moved

To for they don’t

Want her visit him

Neither anyone. She was

Living in sorrow and

Sadness of heart for

Years for her love

Later guys started to

Woo her but would

Not yield to anyone

That wooed her

She goes around with

His photo in her

Handbags and purses keeping

Hope of love alive

New wake of technology

Bought mobile phones and

Photos of him was

Her screen saver, still in prison

Where he was could

Not stop to think

About her and wish

She is gone

He would not blame

Her if she’s gone

He said to ‘self

In the prison yard

Though her mind was

With him but since

She couldn’t get

To root of case abandoned it

There was a loophole

Which those who have

Investigated the matter never

Explored. Its fifteen years after

New investigator employed saw

The loophole and decided

To explore it getting

To the root of the case

It was stressful because

Of the time lapse

But he got into

It and case reviewed

It was discovered that

He was innocent and

Has been unjustly imprisoned

And suffered for sixteen years.

He was freed and

Was compensated for the

Illegal detention by the

Government of the land

Her spouse has migrated

To another country. She

Got the news on

Social media trying to contact him

He went to her

House but new occupant

There never knew her

When about to give up

Got a strange call

And it was her

Started crying on phone

For hearing her voice years after

Told him not to

Cry it is time of

Their joy for she

Has said before, she would wait

It’s content of the

Container that has been

Poured off, their pots

Are not broken we are alive

Now she is going

To 36 while he

Is going to 37

When they tie the knot.