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Poseidon and Miyano Ran: A Battle of God vs. Human

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George has a background in business and Chemistry, but spends his free time pursuing his passion in literature and writing.

An earthquake has hit Hokkaido,
A strong disaster, and lo!
Destroyed the hometown of Miyano Ran.
What god was involv'd? And the reason?

Miyano Ran, a lone lass and,
A detective by profession, went to far land
To seek out the culprit, the source of such
A disaster that devastated so much.

She travelled far and wide
To Grecian shores and cried
For Poseidon, the god of the seas
And requested for earthquakes to cease

Then the sea god peered out
From the watery depths to shout
And ask Ran's motive
Of which she readily gave
Poseidon shook his head and refused
A big battle then ensured.

Miyano shot a pistol, missed.
It was Greek versus Japanese
Poseidon sent a huge tidal wave
And sent Miyano to an underground cave
Miyano held her ground and fixed her glasses
Poseidon exclaimed, that is one brave lass!

Another blow from Miyano's side
Has caused the turn of the tide,
When she produced a golden net-
To capture the god til her request was met
Poseidon's decision remained adamant
As he explained how earthquakes are important.

Miyano realised her mistake
And amends she was willing to make
Poseidon said he admired her courage
And promised she will not suffer his rage
He let her go with a generous blessing-
That her hometown will not face future suffering.

© 2018 George Xu