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Ponderous Momentous

Philosophy vlogger, painter, poetry writer, dog lover. I write for my self, i'm happy to share it with you.



Like a blooming tree

View it as if it's you

The greenness of

Your time

The youthful engaging

There's no taking back

The curiosities

The surroundings

You embody and cope

The greenness it

was oh so beautiful

And painless

We crave nothing

But love and


And that's our lives

in springtime

Yet then, we face labels

We never taught

Society's hierarchy

Enslaved us

So much to do

So much to say


So much to cope

These are humanities

Complexity merely

Our lifes enemy

We never stop fixating on hierarchy

We want to understand life

We seek a never ending

Solutions -

To our pain and Sufferings

we always deem

Not normal

" If there is a meaning in life
At all,
Then there must be a meaning
In suffering.
Suffering is an ineradicable
Part of life, even as fate and death.
Without suffering and death,
Human life cannot be complete. "
_Victor E. Frankl

And there's suffering

You never met

Their ruined expectations

The neighbors rumors

The aging process

The rejections

These are too much

To someone - you

Who is too little and has

A fleeting moment

To take

And yet,

Without those tragic

And Sufferings

Your fleeting exploration

Won't be as fun as this

The rejections drama and chide

Thank them for doing their

Best part

Now, simply

take your

Life as it comes.

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