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Polluted Minds, Polluted Environment

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Hi! I write poetry, related or not to my life. So enjoy reading!


People walking,

Pedestrian lanes visible

Under the street and traffic lights.

And above it all, the sky.

All shades of blue and white

In daytime.

Orange and pink as the sun sets.

And nightime with only stars twinkling.

These kind of days are rarely to be seen.

Where splashes of colors are displayed.

The sun rays hitting the ground.

Winds moving to different directions.

How is our environment now?

How is it different from what we imagined

In reading the first 3 paragraphs?

It is clearly seen that it is not that good anymore.

Ozone layer now torned.

Forests are burning.

Chemical gases released.

Trash everywhere.

As ignorant as we are.

We admit that we notice these things.

Yet we don't do anything

We still do what we do.

Segregating waste such a hassle.

Strawless but utensils are plastics.

We see these things.

And again we don't do anything.

When are we gonna take action?

Until all ecosystems are dying?

Dying, just because we can't throw our trash.

And that is just trash.

Different environmental pollutions are rising.

Make basic mannerism in cleaning a habit.

Who knows, you might inspire people.

A simple task goes a long way.