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Politics...the Absence of Truth


The political scene, caught in between,

As for the truth, and only-half-truths,

Decades of bald-faced lies, to separate ties,

Their researched results often proves.

From the iceberg's top, to its base,

Not always to embrace, all that's spoken,

Every politician knows, any untruths,

Lengthens a nose, innocent trusts broken.


Too often to carry so much weight,

when the elected are thought as great,

While in office just only a few days,

Supporters, often betrays, is our fate.

Personality often goes a long way,

in what they do, to say, as all to fool,

A usual case, history records disgrace,

This factor dictates the political rule.


Although some may grin and to bare it,

Yet, when asked they may not swear it,

As they're caught in lies, truths and untruths,

Seen quite a lot and broadcast on the news.

Is our responsibility to sort out the trash,

Then to interpret their comments as rash,

Root out the facts, and hold them at bay,

Not to really matter what they may all say.


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