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Politics Is a Cycle!

Racism begins with class distinctions. I never really thought about its true meaning. In politics, its catalyst changes our perspectives.


My top is sometimes there for a moment, but then I forget. I want my top to stay because I see and that can make me find an answer.

Politics is a cycle.

Wealth for the rich,

poor people on the bottom (like T. Morrison's).

When there is turmoil,


the rich will get richer,

because ya'll do stuff,

dishonest? stuff.

Stuff that ya'll don't,

have to share with us.

Then ya'll get richer,

the poor stays the same?

These wars and tragedies,

make our youth contemplate,

the ways in which we have to live,

and make decisions.

If in the Lord,


it don't make sense,


so there's a gap,

a “value gap when

rich () people

are more valued than others.”

So my goal is to stay functional

in the fact that

cycles create different types of wealth.

© 2020 Patty Florence

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