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Political Truth (Is It Real?)

You say you’re a peddler of facts
But they’re bought by your emotions
And sold by your acts
You have a mouthful of what you say
You forget the past and live for today
Being right is your only devotion

But if you know so much
Don’t talk of the things you read
Just the things you touch
How far must you travel to believe?
How deeply must you think to conceive?
Near or shallow, which truth do you need?

Give me a pocketful of keys
Enough to open the door of your heart
I will remember to say please
I want you to feel you are always home
A place of comfort always your own
There the calm of humility will start

How can we know living from without
If we’re never really there
And our desires remove all doubt?
What can I say to make you realize
The things we should emphasize
Is the real pain we all share?