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Political Tragicomedy


Val enjoys writing prose in rhymes by always leaving a message of a life truism in each piece.

Politicians Are One Single Reason why Mankind Can't Achieve Harmony. -- Val Karas

Politicians Are One Single Reason why Mankind Can't Achieve Harmony. -- Val Karas


Whenever I undertake to write something on political themes, I don't forget to mention how I am a political cynic, seeing in politicians merely careerists minding the interests of their own careers.

Not patriots, not benefactors of the people, just mincing words of patriotism as a part of their manipulative strategies.

And I see democracy only as a smokescreen, with a metaphoric tranquilizing aroma of frankincense oil so much used in churches to put believers at ease. It's all a big game where the rich are calling all shots -- while "allowing" the voters to elect the puppets for them.

Do I hate politicians? Definitely, no. Hate is out of my emotional repertoire, and my political cynicism doesn't carry any other strong emotional charge. Well, maybe except for evoking laughter as I am witnessing human gullibility on such a large scale.

When in such a mood, I may express some rhymed thoughts, like the ones that follow. Some may look way too harsh to some of the people. After all, we do cherish our leaders, maybe even to the point of seeing parental figures in them.

So, whenever you see such an expression in my writings, please feel free to disagree. I won't mind, as I will still continue calling people gullible, and politicians manipulative.

Now, here I go with these three pieces of rhymed political stuff.

Born to Serve

They invented all "noble causes"

enjoying the heights of their careers

getting standing ovations and applauses

letting followers die as some proud volunteers.

Like an invincible king on his high horse

is the politician, that con man in power

duping the masses with no remorse

enjoying view from his ivory tower.

After a long wait his dreams come true

now feeling on the top and so far ahead

throwing crumbs to me, and some to you

expecting gratefulness for a loaf of bread.

Rich are our countries with their resources

rich enough for every single one to prosper

never rich enough for those on high horses

you can't feed enough that greedy monster.

How many have died for a power game

and how many are still there willing to die

in the name of country, or is it in their name

making many a confused mother or a wife cry.

Long before that last of the last heroes is gone

nothing will change with a brainwashed crowd

each of us will still cheer to them like a moron

repeating their slogans all dignified and proud.

Political Martyr

Living everyone's life but his own

this political martyr doesn't even live

while wasting his time like a tiny pawn

with nothing to change, nothing to achieve.

Playing some heroics of a loud mouth schnook

he is trading dreams for sterile nightmares

like jumping out of comic strip book

just rebelling while no one cares.

Self-appointed reformer in losing fights

blind to all futility of his bitching around

while he sees every kind of violated rights

he can't make a touchdown to solid ground.

His agenda is noble, his mission is humane

as he keeps shouting something patriotic

so we can't call him completely insane

but certainly confused, a little idiotic.

For, ultimately nothing gets really affected

even revolutions never brought content

every liar so obvious and yet elected

reminding of sex without consent.

Our Servant - King

Like out of some need to glorify our tribe

we grant our Top Servant power of a king

quite ready to swallow all his verbal bribe

enjoying how he treats us as a trivial thing.

Should he say "Jump" we'd ask "How high"?

though hating ourselves for acting that way

oftentimes not really understanding why

servant is not the one who has to obey.

We call him the most powerful of men

as if that power is somehow including us

that powerhouse being silly now and then

which makes us fuss, or even makes us cuss.

And does it ever make us quite pissed

when we catch him in yet another lie

while he keeps reading from his list

his own recipe for a pie in the sky.

But we treat him like we did all others

some bitching just like they always did

some pretending that nothing bothers

putting on the whole crap a heavy lid.

We call it "normal" for a vibrant nation

even proud of freedom to lose our nerve

not complacent, but thriving on aggravation

with our Servant - King, one that we so deserve.

© 2021 Val Karas

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