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Political Rant: Do We Really Need Them??


Encrusted dirt skulks your now polished dermis

Rituals for recruits to be in our service

Hand in the pot in search of retribution

with muddy hands planted upon the Constitution.

Election buzz capped, the cesspool still builds,

clogged by the foolish and clearly unskilled.

Tear down and rebuild, the mantra put forth,

machines never moving just staying their course.

And here we sit now, no ending in site

Drivel and hogwash directing the fight

The focus all blurred and skewed from direction,

No pondering here, no time for reflection

Just stab at a stone and think it will sever,

Or build a brick wall, a clever endeavor.

The lobbying pressure is ever the measure,

Of how you can pay for your next big adventure

Remember the people the ones you protect,

the ones who chose you because of respect,

the ones you have chosen to now misdirect,

because someone had cut you a sizable check.

Your lexis is tainted with prevarication

your character labeled as an abomination.

You sold out, you’re a coward, a liar, a fraud.

Just look in the mirror and see that you’re flawed.

Your pockets are lined with the blood of your factions,

How you lull them with lies and puerile distractions

Yet hemorrhaging Franklin's are thrown at your feet

With checks cut to cash, how shrewdly discreet

So you stand at the plinth and slander the truth,

then speak in agendas so clearly uncouth.

It’s humorous how made-up aisles can divide you,

And how your words can accomplish such hateful news.

Your eyes they are marred by a tunnel of flaws

Your allies talk dirty exposed with their claws

These feuds have no meaning, no outcome at all

They usually come armed with no protocols

I’m glad you can name call, I’m glad you can jest,

your tenure in Congress, mediocre at best.

What we need is for you and your clones to depart

And get some fresh blood to make a new start.

We tiff of betrayals that occurred in past

Instead of the present and how we can last.

We point a hard finger expecting a change,

knowing full well that both sides are deranged.

I see where we’re headed, the rabbit hole path

The descent into madness, the stark aftermath

The swamp is a desert where no one can thrive

We’re lucky to make it in this world alive.

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