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Police Wife Poetry

Brittany is a self-published poet, special needs mother, and law enforcement wife who enjoys reading and writing on her poetry blog.


Here For You

Lying awake while the stars shine bright waiting for your safe return

I jump at every sound

My anxious heart beats quickly knowing you are in a career where people are trying to see you fail

My heart aches for yours

Wearing a badge makes you a target as well as your family

Know that I am here for you if you need an ear to listen

Be comforted in knowing you don't have to keep your feelings locked inside

You are the solider, and I am the peacekeeper

Together, we will get through this hate one day at a time

By: Brittany Benko

The Single Wife

I am married but alone

Attending events without you

People often assume I am single because of what is shown

Many have never met you because your dedication to serve

It's a price blue wives pay to give people the life they deserve

I pencil in his schedule, and never with a pen

I'm used to changing plans over and over again

The wedding band I wear is real and not pretend

If I could go back in time and change what might have been

I'd encourage you to help mankind all over again

By: Brittany Benko

A Family of Blue

Belonging to a family of blue

We teach our kids to think things through

Making decisions with a clear mind

Always acting genuine and kind

Selfless, strong, and full of love

Inspiring our loved ones with gentle shoves

If we seem distant to you

Remember to have patience

Law enforcement families have feelings too

By: Brittany Benko

Safe Because of Him

You are safe because of him

Have you forgotten?

You are free to see the good in the world because of his sacrifice

He swore an oath to protect and serve

Knowing evil exists in the world we live in

He battles crime and dodges venom

He is tired deep within

Please help him to continue by being kind, my friend

By: Brittany Benko

I Pray to Him

While life poses pressure, I pray to Him

Finding inner peace while my spouse works

I open my bible again

Do not be anxious about anything

Make your requests known to God

I cling to this knowledge with my heart

Trusting the world will not tear us apart

The peace of the creator will guard my mind from wandering to fear

I imagine worst case scenarios daily that can happen to my officer

Whom I hold passionately dear

By: Brittany Benko


Anxiety is common in this house, my friend

Hitting hard like a baseball bat

Making our chests tense up while holding in our breath

Knowing not if he'll return home once he goes on shift

There are not enough words to describe my emotions while he is away

I'll trust he'll make wise decisions to see another day

By: Brittany Benko

Not Feel Blue

I cannot be selfish

What is it you need?

Your time alone is few

I do not wish you to isolate

Let me help you not to feel blue

I'll pour my love into a cup and add a hug for you

Don't want to talk?

Let's take a walk

But, please, do not feel blue

By: Brittany Benko


I am a blue wife

I keep the peace

Supporting heroes I call police

They don't wear capes or silly masks

They carry tasers and shiny bracelets

Working hard with little fun

While we lay in bed, their shift has just begun

Instead of flying, they flee on foot

Yet, their efforts are overlooked

Heroes rescue your neighbor's dog

During snowfall or heavy fog

Keeping danger off the street

With bruised up hands and bloody feet

A hero hears a screaming call

Protecting the innocent in a ruthless brawl

By: Brittany Benko

Sisters in Blue

I am a solider in my mind

Dodging venom time after time

You spat on me for supporting the blue

Perhaps try walking a mile in their shoes

Before casting judgement, picture their days

Constantly threatened for a badge they display

We are strong

The sisters in blue

Sticking to what is just like glue

By: Brittany Benko

Dedication to Police Wives

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