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In Poets Fervid Sublimes

Endy is a lover of and a practicing writer. He is always learning ways to improve while spilling his gut. He sees writing as life.


Who a Poet Is

When a poet sits alone; anxious, angry or happy
He connects with the common fate of all poets
The mystery of thoughts envelopes his heart
His sense of feeling and imagination comes alive
And like all roses are known by beauties and scents
Thus a poet is known by deep expression of his inner being

Sorrows and pains we meet in different phases
Happiness and joy we might feel in different ways
But when we sit on our desks whether in London or Spain
One voice echoes and comes alive from deep within
And like the blood of all races are precious and red
So is the expression of every human, poetically graced

Knowing a Poet

If you want to know a poet, meet his poems

If you want to see his heart, read his verses

Because in them he had all of himself hidden

Poets Have Similar Heart

We might be of different skin or an unequally skilled
Or live far apart as the northern from the southern poles,
But when we tell our stories or write about our fears,
We send one vibration throughout the depth of the universe:
The sound of beautiful harmony and splendour of words
And in those words, we see through one another’s heart

All poets let themselves be possessed by in-depth feelings
All poets are possessive of rich and unconquerable imaginations
When a feather falls, a poet feels its pains and fears
When a raindrops, a poet feels it smattering platters
When a bird sings, a poet interprets its melodious song
O’ it is no surprise poets are richer in empathy than the human cells


Poets Are Deep

If you want to hear the deepest cry of humanity read a poem.

If you want to feel the heartbeat and impulses of the human race, listen to a poet.

Why We're Poets

Why are you a poet?—to bear a sword or to give a rock feelings?
Why are you a poet?—to interpret the language of a waterfall,
Or to ingrain in the heart of human race empathy and sympathy
Why are you a poet?—to inspires men and women unto greatness,
Or scare the little children and deprive them of space to grow?
Why are you a poet?—maybe when we meet at echelon of human drives,
You shall realize you’re a poet to lighten the world and make it colourful

And this is the duty unto which all poets are graciously called;
To inspire those that are afraid, cold and lukewarm
To cuddle unto affection souls that lonely and dispirited
To give new fire to the souls that are burnt and far spent
And to rejuvenate the world that is in dire need of hope and love
When Manatita joined the logs and lit, my own soul catches

And, if I do bless your own soul too, then I am a poet!

Note: This poem is dedicated to Manatita who did not only inspire but also encouraged me to give poetry a trial on Hubpages. Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement.

What Poets Have in Common

All poets have one thing in common—the reveal their feelings, thoughts and size of imaginations through healing words of poetry.

— Endurance AUF Noble

© 2017 Ajodo Endurance Uneojo


Ajodo Endurance Uneojo (author) from Lokoja, Nigeria. on December 12, 2017:

Thank you Manatita.

It's now featured!

I'll find time to do keen read of your hubs. Although, I have glitshes at the moment because I barely have good two hours on system. And when I do I have a lot to handle.

But I assure, I will fix that soon so I assume good positioning for learning and applying.

At the moment accept my good-hearted intensions though imperfect.

We are learning to walk. By the time we perfect our steps everything will blend in perfect shape.

It is always an honor to hear from you.


manatita44 from london on December 12, 2017:

Ajodo it is Bro. Sorry.

Watch how I do the dedicated ones. There are many of them. But again, I wish your work to be featured so don't worry if unsure.

Ajodo Endurance Uneojo (author) from Lokoja, Nigeria. on December 12, 2017:

Thanks Manatita for this beautiful comment that added more reasons and insights.

I had to change the title of the poem because it was recommended by Hubpages editors. The initial was perceived an article title rather than a title of a poem.

I have also made few edits to reflect your suggestion. I hope this make it to the features.

The name is AJODO. That's just for you anyway. Smiles!


manatita44 from london on December 11, 2017:

A noble effort and some lines are alive and truly encouraging. Here's a sample:

"If you want to know a poet, meet his poems

If you want to see his heart, read his verses

Because in them he had all of himself hidden."-Ajado

This description seems to fit you well and I highly appreciate it. It also fits 90% of the poets that I know on the poetry scene in public appearances. Excellent expression!

Let me add a little. The esoteric, ethereal, aesthetic and mystical poet is never lonely. He is frequently alone, but alone in his/her solitude, which is a very different thing. They do not 'feel' the Heart but speak to the Heart of others. I can and do feel, yes, but I do not usually express my poetry that way.

Here's why I write: To inspire, to serve, to illumine or awaken, to motivate, to reach the Heart ...

The esoteric poet is essentially a sublime or lofty poet. He or she uses many images, metaphors... we speak of Light or Love through various mediums; we dance and waltz; talk to or pull at the symphonies of birds, so expressive of the soul in flight.

We bring the moon down and kiss it or hold silent conversations with the cadence of willows and silent sounds. We present a visionary and almost unreachable dream, yet offers hope, solace, comfort ...

We speak of despair with a positive spin, like an isolated Lover looking for his Queen, who has gone into secret hiding and we dream in the Heart of man.

The mundane poet is a performer and may indeed be a very good one. The poet Divine is a Lover. He longs to caress and pranam at the feet of God. The beauty is in the longing and the longing is enrichened by feeling Love's breath just for longing's sake. Therein lies the Heart and hunger of the mystic poet.

He/she longs to taste sugar, but not too much too quickly, knowing by Faith, that he/she will one day merge and become one, with the Light, Love or effulgence of the Divine. Hope this helps.

I believe you said that you wrote this with me in mind. It's an honour. You show such an aspiring Spirit. God bless you. I have dedicated poems to over 100 souls here and you have remembered me so quickly. I feel your Heart.

Just one thing. If you write with me in mind, then give me a mention somewhere. Try again. Make it obvious. You have my Gratitude. Hari Om! (Praise be to the Absolute Self)

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