Compilation of Poems

Updated on April 6, 2019
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So that is why, I am writing what my heart and soul is dying to tell.


Remember Me

Remember Me

I may not be near you at this moment,
I may not meeting the spark in your eyes,
Remember that the love I have,
Is a love that would never be fallen and torn

I may not hold your hand so tight,
I may not caress you when you're down,
Remember that I care for you so much,
So much more than you could ever imagine

I may not be able to sing in front of you,
I may not say the lyrics I want you to hear,
Remember that wherever you hear our song would play,
Think of me singing for you my love

I may not walk by the street with you through day and night,
I may not be able to talk a lot to you,
Remember that I do whisper from a far,
Waiting for the time I should tell the world about the love of my life

I may not be able to hug you right now,
I may not be able to hear the beating of your heart,
Remember that these things I am not able to do now,
Are the things I would do at the right place, at the right time

Remember my love, that wherever I am now
I would come to you somehow
Remember me my love,
Remember that I am walking towards you now


Hidden Tears

Hidden Tears

Tomorrow seems too far for me
The pain and sadness I hide can't subside
Yesterday was indeed unforgotten
For I am hunted by mem'ries of us

I smile like I worry nothing in this world
That I do not worry you'd get tired and leave me
I laugh like I have no sadness and pain inside
That I do not bother you might change your heart

Whenever I am alone in the dark,
Closing my eyes would let tears fall
Whenever I hear the songs we used to play,
Singing it would let my heart clenched by pain

Through the years that passed,
I could not release these tears
Through the days and nights I was alone,
I could not shout my pains out

Through the years that have gone,
My lonely heart longs for you
Through the lonely nights,
I hide these tears from everyone


Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue

Raising my head to see the calm blue skybed
And figuring image of memories in there
Trying to touch and reach its surface
But the heat only burned my hands off

Sitting along the sandy seashore
Staring far from that deep blue ocean
I try to swim with my thoughts in there
But the whirl only drown my head inside

Those blue magnificent creations
Adheres the hidden beauty inside of a person's heart
The heart which someone's memory was hidden
Hidden for ages and for years had passed

The sky and sea reminds me of how blue my love for you
Sky and sea are places I wish not to see anymore
But my heart aches whenever I try do so
It does not want to let you go out of the blue


This Christmas

This Christmas

Hear the voices of joy outside
That fills your empty soul
See the wonder of smiles
The thrill that its brightness give

Share the gifts and letters for everyone
Let it color someone's life
Give love on Christmas
Let it flourish on someone's soul

Christmas is the season of giving
Giving not just presents but love
Because love is the reason Christmas existed
The love, God gave the world

Let that love flow on air
And be felt by every mankind
Let that love prevail among our hearts
And peace shall be granted among earth


A Thousand Boundless Sea

A Thousand Boundless Sea

For around a thousand miles of travel,
Waves of a thousand stroke and wind that touches a thousand
I see there will be no more end,
No more end to the thousand fantasies I have

Seeing how the boundless ocean touches the boundless sky,
Makes me realize that the fantasy of my love will never fade
Though for now it might have become colorless,
In a far, for bit, it would be as blue as blue

For a thousand years of my life,
A thousand challenges to surpass and people of a thousands to meet
I need to see the wonder of these thousand boundless sea,
The beauty hidden beneath the deep

Sensing the heat from the rolling round sun that grows even more powerful,
Makes me believe that our fantasies are growing deep and strong
Wherever the wind and waves would take us,
It would always be the same as it was before

For a thousand light that hits my skin and clouds of a thousand miles away
Though I could rarely see an island to stop and hop,
The aesthetic boundless blue ocean of my fantasy,
Helps me ease the longing and vain of the fantasy of my love


Garden of Love

Garden of Love

From that magnificent garden of love
Couples of flowers do blossom in time
Filling each others day with colors around
And sharing the grace from the rays of the sun

Seeing how sunflower blooms yellow shade
As the roses blooms red, white and pink shades
I remember the times that we were like those flowers
Like those who bloom together with what they call, love

The garden of love is the simile of our love
To which we had been able to create the memories we have right now
But that garden of love was washed by the calamity's attack
And now the shades of those flowers do fade

Slowly, the garden of love tries to bring back the missing pieces
Bringing the pieces back to its original place
Fortunately, the garden of love found the sunflower who blooms in yellow shade
And those roses who bloom in red and white shades

But the rose who blooms in pink shade is nowhere to be found
It vanished in just a blink of an eye
That rose resembles you, my lover
You vanished in just the blink of my eye

From that love of ours which bloomed with those flowers
I try to figure out what was been missing
But like that garden of love who lost the rose that blooms in pink shade
Our love became impossible because of your absence

The memories of that rose hunts the garden of love
Like the garden of love, memories of you hunts me every night
It persecutes me with the memories of us before
The memories which made my love for you, unbreakable

Never My Love

Never My Love

You asked me if there'll come a time,
A time when I grow tired of you
You have wondered if this love of mine
Will lose its desire for you

I also want to ask you,
What made you think this way
I am wondering like you
How could you not know when it's obvious

You also say you're afraid
That I might have change of hearts
And that I won't need you anymore
Let me say this once and remember it forever,

Never my love will fade
Never my heart won't long for you
Never it would be that I'll change my mind
Because my love, you make my world go round

Yesterday, Today and Future

Yesterday, Today and Future

Yesterday taught us a lot of things
Though yesterday was painful
Yet it entails lessons for us to learn
For us to repent and reflect

Today let us have a fresh start,
Learn from the past experiences we had
And make the wrong to right
For love to grow more deep

In the future, let us stay the same
May we build a home and not break the walls
For it should be the love,
That will bind and tie us together in future

Whenever time it will be,
Just let our love go stronger
Stronger than it was before
It may be yesterday, today or in the future

Shall I?

Shall I?

Shall I say goodbye?

Goodbye to the memories I have kept for a very long time

Shall I let go?

Let go of my love for you

Shall I smile?

Smile at you like I feel fine

Shall I be happy?

Be happy that you've already found someone who would probably heal your wounded heart and soul

Shall I say these things?

Shall I say I love you for the last time?

I love you and that I know you can't love me anymore

Shall I say?

I love you and goodbye

Do you still?

Do you still?

Hello to the one who've let go of his love

Do you still remember my name?

The name of the girl you used to know

And the one you're afraid to lose

Do you still remember my voice?

The voice you used to love to hear

And sang you songs of love

Do you still remember how it feels to hold my hand?

The hand that you used to hold tight

And the hand you can't let go

Do you still feel me?

The one you used to think a lot

And the one who is inside of your mind and heart

Do you still love me?

Do you still care?

Do you still want to be with me?

I'm sorry, I just missed you a lot


Love Is

Love Is

Love is mysterious yet wonderful

It opens your mind and heart

To things anew and things wonderful

It broadens your perspectives

Love is a fantasy yet real

It may have been a fantasy for many

But somehow it does exist

And will always remain forever

Love rejoices your soul yet sometimes it hurts

It makes you happy and sad

Lets you feel both not to unsatisfy you

But to satisfy and to make your life alive

Love lets you grow,

Grow from the person you used to be

And let you experience sort of things

That would make up the you in the future

Ephemeral Love

Ephemeral Love

A long time ago my heart was captivated

Captivated by an ephemeral love

Love that inspired me and motivated

Motivated me to do good in everything

That ephemeral love taught me a lesson

Lesson that I would never forget in life

Life that has been decorated with colors for reason

Reason that is still unidentified

Whatever reason it may be

Be fate the ruler of the path to take

Take it wholeheartedly just as me

Me who had been following fate's words

I really do believe in fate

Fate makes the ephemeral love an eternal

Eternal and infinity's hidden gate

Gate to a place filled with joy and love

Let Me Say This

Let Me Say This

Let me say,

That the first time I met you

I never knew you could be someone I don't want to loose

You could be someone I would cherish this much

Love let me say,

That when I came to realize my feelings for you,

I could not help myself to long for you all the time

You're like a beautiful view I wanted to see

You're like my favorite song I wanted to hear

You're like a red red rose that I wanted to smell

You're like my teddy bear in bed that I wanted to hug

Let me say,

Please be mine now, tomorrow and for the rest of my life

Let me say,

I would miss you all the time

I would care a lot

And I would love you forever

A Picture

I hold a picture in my hand

As tears fell down my weary eyes

Missing footprints I've made in the sands

As holding the woman in the picture

And wondering which path to take now

I've spent years in my voyage

And met hundreds of people here

But none can keep the smile and laugh I have

Like when I am near the woman in the picture

And whenever she leans on my shoulder

But, it all changed when I met Rosalinda

Rosalinda whom I see the roses bloom

And the ocean felt like my only home

Forgetting about the woman in the picture

Unsure of where my heart truly lies now

Questions & Answers

  • why your poems sad?

    Because just like anybody else, i experienced pain.

© 2018 Dens Yang


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