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For My Soul Mate

Denise is a communication student, a poet and a book lover. She enjoys watching documentaries and film.

I am dedicating this poem for my Soul Mate. These are the exact words I want to reach that person and even if not, may that person be able to see this. Thank you for being part of my life and journey.


I may not be close to you now my dear

Not encounter the glow in your eyes that I've always loved to gaze

Believe that this love of mine,

Is a love that would never shrivel

I may not be able to hold your hand,

May not caress and console you now when you're down,

I am here, caring for you

So much more than you could ever imagine

I may not be able to sing in front of you,

And not recite the lyrics of our favorite song,

Whenever and wherever you are listening

Think of me, chanting the hymn of our tale

I may not wander the same streets you'll walk now,

Can't chat with you while you're hiking

Just listen to the birds chirping songs of nature,

and think it's me who's whispering to you

I may not grant a hug for you at this moment when you needed one

Not be able to calm your troubled mind

Remember that these things I am unable to do now,

I would do for you in our destined place of meeting and time

Remember oh dear, that wherever I am now

Even if it's far from where you are, I would come to you somehow

Believe, and wait for me

Because I am walking towards you now


Inspiration for the Poem

What motivated and inspired me to write a poem about Soul Mate?

It's the book, Brida by Paulo Coelho. Basically, it's about the Brida's search for her Soul Mate. It was her interest in magic that led her to the idea of Soul Mate. It's a very interesting and inspiring book just as the other books of Paulo Coelho. You would not only learn about Soul Mate but also lessons about faith and love. Paulo Coelho's works are mostly the inspiration of my poems and short stories I've written so far.

Why is the topic, Soul Mate so interesting for me?

This theme caught my attention because most of the poems I make speaks about love. I sometimes write about societal issues, political, but its content touches down with love. Love and relationships are my comfort zone when it comes to writing a poem, but I am learning every day. I am exploring the world of poetry and literature every day so that I can express my ideas and beliefs in various ways.

Is a love a common topic for poetry?

It is and is especially common for sentimental people like myself. We all have a sentimental part of ourselves, but I'm particularly one of those who always gets sentimental whenever I hear songs that will remind me of a certain event, person or memory. I am the type of person who'll cry when it rains and then write a poem. I am that type of person that whenever I got angry, lonely and overjoyed, I write it down.

Why poetry?

Poetry is one of the ways I am comfortable in expressing myself, my ideas and beliefs and like I've said earlier, I am also working on other tools of expression like short stories and a novel. I am working on that. It takes so much time and I hope I can gain more experience here and learn from other writers in HubPages

Other Poems I Published

I have made few other poems about love and societal issues here. If you're interested, here are a few more of my poems;

If you interested to read and grab a copy of Paulo Coelho's, Brida, you can buy it on Amazon. They have an audio book version of Brida available. I am also planning to make a review of the book and I hope you read it too so we can share our thoughts about it. I am not that good at writing book reviews but I will try my best to make one for this book and for the Mata Hari, still a Paulo Coelho's work.

Questions & Answers

Question: why your poems sad?

Answer: Because just like anybody else, i experienced pain.

© 2018 Dens Yang

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