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Poetry to Know the Heart

halley is a man who often pour the hearts and feelings through a poem. the beauty of the words of a message of peace that can unite differen



Starting from birth.
Know the sound, baby Got love.

Started Walking
Know Steps, Children Gain knowledge.

Started Trying to Be Good
Know Actions, Teenagers Got To Know.

Started Doing Something
Know Love, Adults Want to Unite.

Starting from the fall of his eyes are fixed to the Heart
Know Your Heart, Parents understand Science.

Heart of Other adhere. Others That Unite the Heart. Insan Want to Understand.
Be careful playing the heart. Hurts back to self. Loving over and over again.
Known hearts often forget when famous
A frozen heart can not melt
Hearts are Silent because they are reluctant to complain
The arrogant heart often says empty.

Hypocrites often deny the heart.
Patriots often strengthen the heart.

Seduced heart to not sure. Instantly invited to play.
Know the heart like Believe in yourself.

Not to deny, To not cover, To not betray
Save yourself to try to learn to know the heart.

Self-employed to know about treating the liver.

It starts now, at any time to avoid getting lost.

to deepen the caution, which is adrift between every heart.

Poetry Messages

Through this poem you can understand in our life that begins when we are born. At the beginning we know the heart. through the caress of our parents' love. After that, the time of our children is taught a lot of knowledge from both parents and the environment of a child to grow and interact with each other.

Through a heart that gives rise to feelings. makes us want to know each other. there is also a feeling that becomes important in our lives / as adults. We know a word called "love".

We can infer ourselves, that in my life, you and us. must have understood to know others. whether the person is a family, a friend, a relative, even a stranger. We certainly continue to learn to recognize them. through the Heart that becomes a place for us to continue learning to know each other. Thank you for reading this article with your heart.

© 2018 Halley Kawistoro