Poetry of the Swamps

Updated on October 29, 2017
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Tim Truzy is a rehabilitation counselor, educator, and former dispatcher from North Carolina.

A swamp in eastern NC.
A swamp in eastern NC. | Source

The Importance of Swamps

Swamps are areas where water accumulates because of the low-lying nature of the land. Although they can be treacherous, these environments serve useful purposes for humanity. Swamp lands absorb flood waters as well as collect pollutants. These important attributes of swamps aid with water purification for plants and animals. Indeed, the wildlife in many of these uncultivated places is diverse.

One such swamp, the Great Dismal Swamp, expands from North Carolina to Virginia for over one-hundred thousand square acres along the Atlantic coast. In the swamp, black bears, countless species of reptiles, and birds can be found. Trees such as pine, cedar, and cypress flourish in the wetland environment all year round. But these are merely some of the creatures in the swamp; we benefit from every amazing gift the swamp provides, including inspiration for writing and photography. The poem below pays tribute to swamps of the world in all their forms.

Part of the Great Dismal Swamp in eastern North Carolina.
Part of the Great Dismal Swamp in eastern North Carolina. | Source

Swampy Conundrum

Draining immense swamps,

Staining my resolve,

Straining objectives,

Gaining pace dissolved.

“Stay from the muck!

Duck!” mother said,

“Play with water muddy,

Quicksand smothers the head.”

Gases raise the swamp,

Gasping my car,

Bogged from paved roads,

Swamp by the bar.

Gear wears tightly,

Right and left boots,

Step careful lightly,

Aim and don’t shoot.

Bugs swarm desk in marsh,

Bear hug ties in starch,

Vipers clad March in tarps,

Harp armed mosquitoes in dark.

Cypress trees rise from a deep water swamp in southeastern NC.
Cypress trees rise from a deep water swamp in southeastern NC. | Source

Cypress wet swinging oaks,

Ropes bet bodies pine,

Fined strangled sinking votes,

Swamp stinging insects’ mine.

Reptiles’ bill tails,

Hell infecting hill,

Pillow quagmire,

Be dirty or stilled.

L’enfant anchored dry land,

Hand hammered to myth,

Fact slithered to phoniness,

Swamp fiction built.

Chewed up gators’ briefcase,

Sued crocs delay munch,

Ailing aisles filibuster,

Swamp savoring lunch.

A North Carolina swamp in winter.
A North Carolina swamp in winter. | Source

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    • Tim Truzy info4u profile image

      Tim Truzy 5 months ago from U.S.A.

      The great British prime minister, Winston Churchill, who led Great Britain through World War II once said: Democracy is the worse form of government on Earth except for all of the rest. America must understand democracy is messy. No one is perfect and no one is above the law. Likewise, we have the power to change our laws and our Constitution. Swamps can change.