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Poetry for Kiddos

Brittany is a self-published poet and poetry blogger. She is currently working on a children's picture book about autism spectrum disorder.

The Importance of Poetry for Kids

Poetry itself has been around since the fifteenth century. Back then, most topics were on religion and moral instruction. Once times progressed to the eighteenth century, people began to see literature for children including poetry. Poetry is a magnificent way to express oneself and to open up creative juices to the imagination. Kids thrive on both, and poetry can be extremely therapeutic and help them expand their vocabulary. It's also an enjoyable activity for children to be silly. Poetry doesn't have to be serious. It can be about anything! I think rhyming poetry has a way of capturing little one's attention and draws them into the book world. In today's society, technology rules all. Poetry can help a child to step away from all the noise and think for themselves.


The Beach

This poem is about children experiencing the beach.

The beach! The beach! Oh, the beach!

Sand castles standing high

I like the waves to hit my feet on a hot July

The beach! The beach! Oh, the beach!

Crabs walk on the sand

I gently poke them with a stick, but never with my hand

The beach! The beach! Oh, the beach!

Starfish on the shore

Seeing common sea stars as Dad and I explore

The beach! The beach! Oh, the beach!

Salt scents the air

I put on lots of sunblock because my skin is fair

The beach! The beach! Oh, the beach!

Pink at the end of the day

The sky holds many colors while we run and play

By: Brittany Benko



This is a children's poem about understanding their senses.

Little fingers

Tiny toes

Eyes, ears, mouth, and a nose!

These help you experience sensations, my friend

Each one is a sweet special blend

Fingers feel the fuzzy orange cat

She'll lay still if you give gentle pats

Eyes can see white fluffy clouds in the sky

If you look hard enough you can see lions, tigers, and bears

Oh, my!

Ears can hear ocean waves crashing into the sand

The sound is calming and quite grand

A mouth can taste wonderful flavors

There's nothing quite like a green apple life savor!

Your nose can smell aroma like fresh flowers by the creek

Senses keep life from being bleak

By: Brittany Benko

Our son, Isaac.

Our son, Isaac.

Time for Bed Sleepyhead

A children's poem about getting ready for bed.

Now it's time to go to bed

Close your eyes you sleepy head

Count your blessings and your toes

I'll give you kisses on your nose

Say goodnight to your dad

It will make him very glad

Bow your head as you pray

Be thankful for another day

Hug your bear and your sheep

It is time to go to sleep

By: Brittany Benko

Our daughter, Nicole.

Our daughter, Nicole.

Ice Cream

A children's poem about ice cream.

Ice cream flavors

There's a lot!

They taste yummy when it's hot

Vanilla sweetness on a warm summer day

After riding my bike and a long day of play

Chocolate flavor is good too

Come sit by me and I'll share some with you

Let's watch the birds fly in the sky

While enjoying the taste of lemon meringue pie

By: Brittany Benko

Why Poetry is Satisfying

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