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Poetry: Unfinished Business

I'm an aspiring writer, poet, and author from the Philippines. Aiming to be a successful poet and author someday! :)

Finally, A Closure? Maybe.

Love has always been there.

We all feel it.

It stays no matter what.

But sometimes,

One way or another,

We get hurt and hurt others.

So many times,

We all desired to be loved.

Like how we see it in movies.

We cry because,

Somehow we realize,

A love like those might just be...

too fictional or far from reality.

It stings our hearts,

to see a lovely couple.

Especially, when ours have failed...


When this couple have withstand

all trials and challenges of life.

When in the end,

they finally get the happy ending...

that they truly deserve.

How we wished,

Someone was there to love us

like that.

Through thunderstorms or sunshines,

Through happiness and breakthroughs,

Whatever happens,

Love will bring us back together.

Stronger than ever.

But there are things in life,

Especially in Love,

That isn't worth the fight anymore.

That isn't worth your tears.

That isn't worth your every day and night suffering.

That is no longer worth holding on to.

And when it means,

this time around,

You gotta really have to

put an end to it.


In times of uncertainties,

Fears and worries.

Let’s hold on to stories,

Stories shared by millions.

Stories of hope and inspiration.

Remember the lives of

Anne Frank and Hellen Keller.

Anne lived her life at a Nazi War.

Bomb threats, bullets flying,

They have lived in fear of being killed.

But Anne was seeing life differently.

Well at the very least she could.

Imagine, in times of war.

She still had the opportunity to have a love affair.

Everyone is worried sick of their lives,

While Anne still managed to be in a relationship.

Love is stronger than fear and worries.

Choose love that’s radical.

Anne Frank chose to live life on a positive note.

Like being able to breathe in some air is a blessing.

Witnessing the birds singing,

Being able to wake up for another day.

Alive and kicking.

In our most difficult times and darkest nights,

Find a reason and a ray of light.

A reason to keep going, eventually we’ll get through it.

Wars are really tough to handle.

We’ve got a lot of wars to deal with.

Especially within ourselves.

Untitled 1.1

Never Ignore A Person Who Loves You, Cares For You, and Misses You. Because One Day, You Might Wake Up From Your Sleep And Realize That You Lost The Moon While Counting The Stars.

Keep Collecting Gold and You’ll Never Find The Treasure.

Life taught me to keep feet on the ground.

Regardless of my status or ethnicity.

Especially, Life at the Positive Ward.

Regardless of how rich or poor.

Regardless of how much you can pay.

Regardless of your age and manner,

You still always have to wait for your turn.

They aren’t your personal assistants.

Nor not your servants.

Treat them with utmost respect.

Ask your favors nicely and accordingly.

Be patient and wait if they can’t attend to your needs immediately.



Let's have a walk, shall we?
There is a place, you have to see.
Look around.
What do you see?
Doctors doing their rounds.
Patients crying their plea for empathy.
Can you hear it?
Voices of people calling out:
"Please heal us."
I see more people coming.

Staying a bit longer,
I started to wonder.
Money and Power.
Possess that, you'll be healthier.
Can't have that?
Die unhealthy and in hunger.

Check ups are always a matter of falling in line.
Can't pay? Go home.
Just pray, and you'll be fine.

There will be always a queue in Emergency Rooms.
All in for out- patients.
Is it a matter of Judgment Day?
Who should we really prioritize?

People seek for health care to live.
Can't you still hear it?
People cry and plead to be heard.
"We fear dying from hunger."
"We fear of not having enough money to survive a day."
"We don't seek health care unless it isn't worse yet; gastos lang yan eh."

(waste of money)

Everyone is in dire need of help.
Who would you choose, lies in your hands.

I'd say, never use your power to abuse nor threaten.
Lives are at risk in this pandemic.
You'll never be able to repay the lives of people taken,
With your ruthless acts and selfishness;
I bet it would take centuries to be forgiven.

Look around.
Everyone here is at risk of getting sick.
Long before this pandemic,
Why haven't you panicked?
Anyone around, I can hear and see them vividly.
Look around, focus your ears to the sounds.
People would cough, sneeze, or sniff their mucus back in,
Without any precaution, like covering their mouth.
Everyone fears to have this 'COVID-19'; it's deadly.

Long before this pandemic,
You cough, you sneeze, blow your nose;
Anywhere, anytime. It's absolutely fine.
You transmit it to one of your family members;
worse everyone gets it, there is no harm at all.
Wondering why?
Because you know, it won't kill you.
It is deadly, now everyone is cautious.

Remember those days?
You get influenza, yet you chose to go to school;
Yet you chose to report to work.
Without wearing face masks,
nor frequently washing your hands.
You were coughing evidently for a couple of days,
yet you chose not to take meds, not to rest.
You were aware there are people around you,
centimeters away even, no social distancing.
Yet you chose to cough and sneeze without caution.
‘Cause it wasn't deadly.
Those days you were feeling so sick,
yet you choose to stick with that pride of yours saying:
"This is nothing, it will be gone soon. I'll just rest."
Some would say this as well:
" Wala ito, malayo sa bituka. Mawawala din ito."

(This is nothing, it won't kill me.)

You wouldn't care much or be anxious of your own health;
Cause you know, it won't kill you.
It WAS NOT deadly then, so you didn't care much.
Even to your surroundings, you normally wouldn't mind.

Let's walk further, blindly absorbing all types of virus here.
I was wondering, what are your fears as of this moment?
What frightens you the most?
If you have something to lose, does it worry you?
Losing all these luxury branded items you've earned the past years.
Losing all the money you have saved up to this day.
Having to sell things, in order to live or help others.
Nowhere to buy those Instagram - worthy food items you'd normally buy.
Can't go out to have fun in fancy restaurants, bars, clubs on those special nights.
Losing all that, is that what's making you anxious at night?

Maybe it is "No Work, No Pay." that frustrates you.
Fears piled up like a domino effect.
Majority of the household only depends on what you earn.
Sometimes, your pay isn't even sufficient enough to survive.
Talk about due dates. Rents, electric and water bills, food supply;
It will never just be enough to get through.
Like losing a job, and starting from zero again.
Majority of the family needs you,
to suffice their daily basic needs.
Without work, without earning anything,
You ask yourself a huge question in despair:
"What's in store for us now? ;What are we supposed to do?"
"How are we able to survive this crisis?"
You would just let out a deep sigh, as you're at loss of what to do next.
You still have shelter, you still have food, and water.
It isn't at its peak yet.

What about the daily fear of the homeless people,
have you ever wondered, what is it like?
Right, they have nothing to lose. That's true.
They have no shelter, no money, no power.
They don't live a luxurious life.
They get to eat and drink tasty foods so seldom.
What is there to fear when you have nothing to lose?
It is the fear everyone in this world,
is trying to treasure and conserve right now.
To survive, and save their lives from dying soon.
They are all at risk and prone to all kinds of diseases.
Each day and night they spend their lives on the streets.
Whatever may cause their death; hunger, fatigue, or deadly virus.
Doesn't matter. They have to find ways to live and survive.
No matter how much sacrifice, no matter how dangerous;
We all have that something to risk.
Putting ourselves at risk, to survive and protect our loved ones.

Doesn't matter if you stay hungry for a little more,
Seeing that precious smile of the little child while eating the food you brought;
What seems like having a feast, munching every bite filled with excitement...
Seeing just that, you're satisfied and contented.
As if having a full tank in your starving empty stomach.
It is dreadful to think each and every time where to get food to eat;
water to drink, and a space to take a rest and sleep.
When they get sick,
Health care doesn't just have the time and room for them.
They can't afford to buy proper medicines to ease what they are feeling.
They will always have that mindset;
"It will soon pass, it will be fine soon."
Without proper diagnosis,
Their condition might just eventually worsen.
Day by day.
Just like waiting for like forever in queue,
In clinics, getting a ride to lrt/mrt, waiting for the traffic jam to move, etc.
They are almost like in the state of just waiting for their body to deteriorate.
Again, they are those people who are more prone to gain infectious diseases.

Who gets treated more efficiently and sufficiently with the health care we all deserve?
People who can pay more.
More than their daily wage that currently isn't enough to provide better service.
More than just enough to feed their family for a month.
What you pay them equates the quality of their service.
Is that really just the case though?
Talk about this Pandemic Crisis.
I guess it is somehow different.
Just a little bit different.

Let’s have some fresh air and some iced coffee, shall we?


Ever wondered what’s your purpose in this world?
Out of all the people dying each day,
I wonder what is keeping you alive.
Waking up each day is a blessing,
Why do we end up cursing it?
When you could have chosen to sleep forever,
What made you want to wake up for another day?
Life is meaningless.
What is the point?
Each time you wake up, you just waste each day doing nothing.
Isn't it tiring?
Living a life with no sense of direction at all.
What is keeping you alive?
When all you want is to end your life, in a way it can no longer be revived.
Tell me the secret.
If you want to die just do so.
What is making you want to extend it further?
If you are tired of life, just end it.
Pain will end, when you die.
Just like how you see others do it.

If you would really believe everything I just said before this;
Then you are really hopeless.
If you think I speak the opposite;
You still have a chance to make a change in your life.
Life is not sensible when you think it has no sense at all.
What is keeping you alive?
Do you have any reasons to stay alive?
You should.
If you can't think of any more reasons to live,
Just die.
But I'll give a few things you'll miss out if you die now.
You won't have the chance to travel and complete your bucket list.
You won't get to try delicious cuisines from different parts of the world.
You'll never have the chance to listen to feel good songs once again.
There are still tons of things you have to try doing,
If you die, you'll never be able to try them and it'll be such a waste.
How are your achievements so far?
If you choose to die now,
How much can people remember of what kind of person you were?
If you still haven't made purpose of your name enough to be remembered,
It would be a pity to die that early.
While you are still alive, you should at least leave a contribution in history.
Leave a piece of evidence that even the next century of generation will remember you.
Dream for a future filled with reasons that give you hope.
You still have a future to make.
A future story line of life people in the future would be interested digging into.
Live to be an inspiration and not a poison that kills.
Life is certainly difficult to deal with along with the uncertainties and anxiety.
Though you should never give up on trying, nor exploring to do new things.
You still have a long way to live.
Never decide on your own by making it shorter.
When you get tired, just take breaks.
No need for suicide.
You don't have to do that for the pain to completely subside.
Focus on these goals that you have to keep the flame burning.
The flame that would always remind you, You can't just die yet.
Not today, not now, not yet. It is not yet your time.
You still have tons of things to do.


A coffin. A casket.
What is it like to nap in there?
I wonder.
Self - isolation.
Maybe time for a little meditation?
Class Suspension.
A month wasted for education?
What about my reading comprehension?
Ain't got no right to ask clarifications.
To simply rant vs. To criticize
Gotta make you realize
what you can't seem to analyze and recognize.
Social distancing.
How far can you go to stop the spreading?
How about going beyond the distance?
Oppressed and Deprived.
Gotta follow the rules and survive.
Panic buying and hoarding.
Tell me more about over pricing.
Fake news.
It is more than just a virus.
Be cautious.
Pandemic crisis.
Maybe it is time to criticize politics.
Privilege check.
Y'all doin' Netflix n Chill, Tiktok videos
I ain't got no food, money, even a cheque
How am I supposed to connect?
Just simply follow the rules.
Talk about my dues, ain't no time being a fool.
Prevention better than cure.
Talk about a true public server;
Not these entertainers on elections,
When talking about attending to your needs
How about NEVER?
Thinking you deserve better?
Why didn't you think wiser?
You can clearly see flaws and mistakes,
Hence you complain and criticize.
You can't compromise,
When information and rules are not concise.
Frustrations leading to confusions.
Confused on misleading information ,
Leads to uneducated assumptions/ conclusions.
Your selfish actions,
Senseless reasons, careless decisions,
brought tons of people into this chaotic situation.
Now you are starting to think.
Beware of your actions.

Follow the rules. It is just simple.
Rule no.1 : Be honest. No cheating.
You lied. You cheated. I know.
Rule no. 2: Respect others.
Tell me, what is respect?
You stepped on people's shoes.
Belittle the weak.
Call them names out of anger.
Simple rule, right?
Remember saying:
"Rules are meant to be broken."
So why make them? For fun?
Rules are made to be followed by everyone, right?
You make a rule, might as well follow that.
Break it and no one will follow.
Rule no. 3: Treat each other nicely. Be kind.
Tell me why we never treated each other equally.
Abusive power from higher class .
Discrimination. Violating rights of others.
Simple rule, why can't you follow?
Rule no. 4 : Limit usage of plastics. Plastic ban.
Talk about why it evolved into humans.
I wonder.
Simple rules. Can't follow?
Is it that difficult for you to comprehend?
You don't know what it means,
To follow a simple rule.
Integrity. Equality. Respect. Self - Discipline.
Hope you internalise these terms first.
What they meant and apply to yourselves.
"Just follow the rules."
Sounds like your pathetic lame excuses,
When you committed heinous crimes,
Fooling authorities, acting innocent.
Well, better luck next time, in LYING.
It's kinda obvious, verdict is GUILTY.

Lockdown is the new breakdown.
I know it is not technically related.
Come to think of it.
They do have something in common.
The key (locked) is found above(heaven).
Life will always be giving lemons.
It is not for lemonade though.
Life will always be that thrilling ride.
But it should just go on.
Rule no. 5: Be humble and Be thankful.
Stop craving and asking for things that isn't necessary.
Be thankful. Stop complaining each day.
Think first of all possible blessings given;
Before thinking of mishaps that ruined your day.
Acknowledge the efforts and hard work.
Before counting their flaws and mistakes.
Rule no. 6 : Be happy.
Be a reason of happiness and joy.
Not a reason of ones sorrow and sufferings.
Simple rule. Please comply.

© 2022 Gianella Labrador

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