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Poetry: 'Tomorrow' and 'Hope'; Don't Put Things Off! Don't Be Impatient!

Ann loves to write poetry and also enjoys responding to prompts. A challenge is always interesting!

One-Word Prompts

At least two more word prompts have been set by Brenda whilst more than a week has gone by. I’m someone who works either on impulse and dives straight in, or I procrastinate, wait until my imagination is ready to paddle before it fully commits to complete submersion.

So we have two words today - ‘tomorrow’ and ‘hope’. Tomorrow can’t be today, I know, but today it is!

There are so many sayings about ‘tomorrow’. Any word to do with time is ethereal by nature. It’s an abstract concept, it can be mystical and is so often unpredictable. As soon as we reach tomorrow, it has become today and another tomorrow peeps up over the horizon. Hence, tomorrow never comes.

Hope is more tangible. We have an image in our head. We have an emotion to be fulfilled. It might not turn out as we anticipate, or materialise as quickly as we wish, but it might be all the better for that. It might cause disappointments but maybe we’re hoping for the wrong thing or creating impossible wishes. Hope has to be based on reality rather than wishing on a star. Hope is looking at a possibility which can be realised if we act in a certain way, or if we work towards a goal. Hope is often better when it’s for someone else, have you noticed?

Another Tomorrow over the Horizon

Another Tomorrow over the Horizon


Tomorrow never comes,

Tomorrow’s another day,

Sound the horn and beat the drums,

Tomorrow’s lost its way!

Tomorrow I’ll do this,

Tomorrow I’ll do that,

Never put off ’til tomorrow the kiss

expected - or fall flat.

Tomorrow can be fickle,

When it becomes today,

It’s often but a smaller trickle

of now, too long delayed.

Tomorrow might bring joy,

Tomorrow’s full of surprises,

but leave it room to prove it’s worth

space for more disguises.

Tomorrow could be great,

Tomorrow could be bad.

Make sure when it becomes today

that you make someone glad.

So what will you be doing tomorrow?

Something you should have done today? There’s still time!

Have you ever considered how exciting the concept of ‘tomorrow’ is? We just don’t know what it will bring. Even if you have appointments or fixed work hours, even if you’ve seen the weather forecast saying that the sun will shine so you can go to the beach, even if you have decided to stay at home, the whole schedule can be thrown up in the air! You or someone else can’t manage the appointment, through illness or an unforeseen delay. A sudden storm brews up and the beach is drenched in hail-stones. You’re called out on an emergency so a lazy day is out of the question. You… just… don’t… know.

Tomorrow a comet might crash into the earth - heaven forbid! Tomorrow you could win a fortune, decide to change your job, fall in love, break your leg, meet someone who will change your life in any way at all!

Hope she loves these presents!

Hope she loves these presents!


Hope springs eternal!

Isn’t that what they say?

It makes it hard to hope, though,

when nothing comes your way.

You make your own tomorrows,

you hope that all’s ok,

but what if what’s expected

doesn’t come out to play?

Maybe it doesn’t sit right,

maybe it’s not the time,

Keep hoping for the best yet,

your bell will surely chime.

As sometimes what we wait for

is just what we deserve,

is worth the waiting hours

if we can keep our nerve.

If we are calm and patient,

a day will come, it’s true,

when all that you have hoped for

is waiting - just for you!


... daring to hope, wanting to hope but too afraid, or feeling that it’s silly to hope for something so much. We’ve all been there.

If you don’t hope, what’s the point? If you don’t hope, you won’t have plans, you won’t push your boundaries, you won’t find surprises round the corner (good or bad!) and you won’t find your rewards, nor learn from mistakes.

What hopes keep your imagination alive? Will they materialise? Maybe today, tomorrow, next year? That’s half the fun, we don’t know what tomorrow will bring but it will bring something and we do have a say in what that something might be.

Just don’t be unrealistic!

I’m still waiting for that shimmering unicorn to emerge from the forest, but maybe I should concentrate on hoping that my grandchildren have good and healthy lives and do what I can to make that happen.

May all your tomorrows be full of hope and happiness!

© 2021 Ann Carr

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