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Poetry, To Honor My Granddaughter Lisa

My Granddaughter Lisa followed in my footsteps by going into nursing, never anticipating she would contract the Covid virus.


I was notified yesterday of my Granddaughter's Covid virus. She is a RN who worked tirelessly to help those who were sick with this evil that has invaded our world. I talked with her yesterday, and she's recovering. This inspirational poetry is for her.

Lisa, you were so very brave

Caring for others who had the virus and were nearing their early grave

First responders who cared whether the old lived or died


You faithfully entered their domain daily, God knows how much you tried

You relayed your symptoms, coughing up blood, body aches and pains, bedrest day and night

You never lost hope, you put up a terrifically good fight

Thank God The first responders are getting the vaccine at rapid speed

I'm so very proud of you Lisa, always willing to help others in critical dire need.

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