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Poetry : Thinking On The Brain

I have been writing poems and short stories for years, some of which I have published independantly. I also blog. Writing is a loved hobby.

Oh, bother."

— Winnie The Pooh

In the words of Winnie The Pooh, "Think, think, think!"

So I was trying to think of a new poem a few days ago, and found myself distracted by several things. But then, this poem came out of those distractions, so when life throws you lemons, make a poem.


The Poem

Write write write, my brain insists,
Write of love, goodwill and peace;
But the mosquito bites me and I itch,
I pick my pen and give it a pitch'!

I try again, pick up my pen,
To continue writing because I can;
The man outside drop something with a bang,
I go, "Oh for fudge' sake whang a dang!"

Think think think, I try to think,
Then my phone goes off with a ping!
Someone needs help with something or other,
So I have to help, oh brother.

Think on the sly, think on the brain,
Think of something, what a pain;
Stop the jumping, stop the noise,
Silent the phone, lower your voice!

I hope my coffee will keep me awake,
I need to write this, for goodness sake;
Wide awake, but the brain rebels,
My eyebrows twitch, my hands tremble.

Argh! I cry out, What do I do?
I got nothing, so sad boohoo!
So I write on nothing that which I gain,
Yet this poem comes out, I'm thinking on the brain.

In conclusion: Ah, look what I just wrote, something out of nothing.



© 2019 Lynne Samuel

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