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Poetry Stance: Checking Inside


Fighting Internally

Who thought this moment would come one day

Unexpected path for which I wasn’t prepared

Is it worth the regret and the worry?

Or should I try and pursue the unthinkable

Virgin to this path, being anxious was expected

But truth be told my fears got overwhelming

I suddenly thought this may be my end

And my negativity almost cost me everything

Trying to accept the unexpected as a part of life

Most times it was hard trying to hide the disappointment

My mind at times provided way too much counter action

But saving myself would be my personal sanction

I started writing notes to myself

Waiting for that spark of reminder of strength

I knew I was capable but too blind to see

My recovery was the only thing to set me free

Sad to say, but I forgot my worth

Hardly embracing how far I had come

Wanting to replenish the vibe with which I begun

If only I had known this was only simulation

The potential I failed to admit

Almost cost me my destiny

But then I remembered I had the blueprint

Once a winner you never see the option to quit

I can stop being mediocre

I need to own this internal battle

Straightening that crown with revenge

Never looking back, pushing to first place

© 2018 Valencia Marquez

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