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Poetry Stance: Apologize? Now That I Have It...

Finesse that peace

Hold on to that peace!

Hold on to that peace!

Finding That Strength

She can save her

She trusted, they lied

Her motives, they denied

Her soul, they defiled

Her feelings, now gone blind

The hurt, she tries to hide

Went drifting, no one by her side

The pain, her peace it demised

Constant battle, it makes her cry

Will a saviour ever come by?

Or will she continue living a lie?

Hoping she takes a look inside

To discover her strength is un-denying

She had to make a hasty choice

That would determine the rest of her life

Her destiny was hers to inspire

All she needed was some determination proper

Then it was time for the showcase

To her surprise, it was all fake

But now she knew she passed the test

So then she decided to put this to rest

She now learnt about her strengths

She needed only to remind herself

She is enough because she managed this

Strong enough to save herself

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