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Poetry-Some of My Own Collection of Poems

When you think of a poem what comes to mind? Is it pain, family, heatbreak, marriage, relationships, happiness or creativity? I can't speak for everyone but for me it's a way to express myself while allowing my emotions to create artistry that I am proud of. Everyone is different. I hope that my work can inspire and encourage you if you also like writing poetry. Check out some of my best poems.


The paper its


The pen its


My Hair

My hair is as unique as a peacock

It has taken on many identities

My hair is a story-line

It has gone through the changes of life

more than a hundred times

Yet my hair is timeless,

It is me

Behind the Mask

Behind the mask there lies a face of innocence

Too afraid to smile

Too weak to speak

Too hard to understand

Behind the mask you see is

An insecure woman that is me


That desire that dwells within one's soul

once coupled with hope it turns to gold

Passion becomes the eternal force

like history when it takes its course

Nothing can stop it not even fear

with passion our dreams stare at us in the mirror

It our duty to capture that moment of success

Live in it, thrive in it

Nothing less



Gentle , kind, sweet, courageous

Imperfect, flawed, free spirited

That's me

My Heart filled with Pain

My heart yearns for the time

when love felt close

and joy seemed near

It dances to the tune of

memories both good

and bad

This organ is more than a

beating drum

It's my utopia unsung


Boy don't it seems to go so fast


the reminder of present

and past


the key to many dreams


Oh how it plays its part

to all living things

But time

is of the essence so on you

it can never stop


catch it and don't waste

a drop

Poetry is a key to the soul

— Theblogchick

This concludes my article on my personal collection of poetry. Please, feel free to leave your comments below. As always, I look forward to hearing from you.