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Poetry: Single Word Prompt; Breakfast Menu, Onboard Fare; Norwegian Sights and Lights; Variations of Breakfast

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Ann loves to write poetry and stories. Current poetry on Nature, Travel & beyond, including varied poetic structures.

Another prompt from Brenda Arledge, ‘breakfast’ is close to my heart. We are breaking the fast of the night and setting ourselves up for a great day!

Thanks, Brenda, for your continuing efforts to inspire us!

Breakfast Menu

Salmon and scrambled eggs

or Toast and Marmalade?

Porridge à la Scots with salt,

or Pancakes freshly made?

Smorgasbord of cheese and meats

or yoghurt mixed with fruit?

Muesli, nuts and currants blended,

served with cream, that’s beaut!

Well, my muesli is cleverly mixed

to lessen cholesterol,

Smorgasbord is great on hols

or sharp-soused herring rolls!

Pancakes with slice of lemon squeezed,

then sprinkled with demerara,

Porridge oats just mixed with milk,

no salt - that makes me shiver!

Toast with marmalade or jam

evokes the joys of childhood,

starting the day with Mum and Dad,

if only once more, I would.

Salmon and scrambled eggs - yes please!

a treat for special days.

They say a larger breakfast

starts the day a better way.

Whatever you like, whatever your thing,

enjoy it well and thrive.

Eat a full breakfast, a modest lunch

and evenings a snack to drive

a good night’s sleep until the morn

announces ‘Time to rise!’

Then off to prepare the meal of the day,

a brilliant Breakfast Surprise!

Full English

Traditional Full English Breakfast (except the hash browns - instead we have fried bread)

Traditional Full English Breakfast (except the hash browns - instead we have fried bread)

Choices for Breakfast

Each country has its own favourites for breakfast. The English are more cosmopolitan, the Scots love their porridge, Wales has smaller, thicker Welsh Pancakes and the Irish a full breakfast. The latter is similar to the English full breakfast but will also contain some black or white pudding and maybe some bubble and squeak (a mash of leftover potatoes and greens). Both those meals originate from farmers and other labourers needing a hearty meal before they left early for work.

I love breakfast and cannot go without it, though not too much to fill me early in the morning. A brunch (breakfast/lunch mid-morning) is preferable when on holiday.

One notable breakfast was on board a Norwegian ship, the ‘Boudicca’, cruising the off-shore islands and travelling into the Arctic Circle to see the Northern Lights late one winter. The ship’s food was great and breakfast was laid out to cater for all tastes. I loved the smoked salmon and scrambled eggs; quite filling but a good boost before facing the arctic cold when just your nose and eyes were visible inside all the layers of protection and warmth. Each morning, I faced the difficult decision of having that or the roll-mop herrings, soused in vinegar. I’m not usually a fan of vinegar but they were divine!

Norwegian Sights and Lights

The good ship Boudicca sailed northward,

good spirits did abound.

The ‘rough’ North Sea surprised us -

a mirror, no waves, no sound!

We docked in charming Ålesund,

Art Deco houses found,

rebuilt from devastating fire,

subtle red, yellow, blue rebound.

We wove between the Lofoten isles,

ducked under bridges low,

Pretty red houses lined the shores,

smile-beacons ‘gainst the snow.

Up and up towards the sight

we’d all been waiting for;

the stunning, awesome Northern Lights,

no-one could ask for more.

No picture prepares for this delight,

no word the emotion describes.

Nature’s wonder in all its might -

in silence, we probed the skies,

then grey mist ‘gainst black sky appeared,

shape-shifted into green,

became a waterfall, accusing finger, crown..

shapes like you’ve never seen,

swirling, dancing, captivating

all those who were there.

All we could do was drink it in,

mesmerised, and stare.

Back down to earth, at dead of night

from TromsØ, ship sets sail.

For us, vibrant coloured dreams,

mystery from deep heavens, prevail.

Northern Lights

Onboard Fare

Breakfast time, to taste the fare

ready for our palate,

a spread of all we could expect,

to tempt our appetite.

So I succumb to rich smoked salmon,

atop moist scrambled egg;

definitely a slice of heaven

for which I’d gladly beg!

Next time I’ll have the roll-mops,

soused herrings made to zing.

Strong black coffee to follow,

ready for what day will bring.

Another day, fresh toast will do,

seeded bread with butter too,

spread with tangy marmalade

or jam, juice running through.

Breaking fast, starting the day

to set us up for come what may,

what better than all this for me

to face it all, what more to say?

Salmon and Scrambled Eggs

Smoked Salmon & Scrambled Eggs (often without toast)

Smoked Salmon & Scrambled Eggs (often without toast)

Pot of succulent Herrings

Pot of succulent Herrings

© 2022 Ann Carr

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