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Poetry: Yesterday, Majestic and Madness; Response to Word Prompts

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Ann loves to write poetry and stories. Current poetry on Nature, Travel & beyond, including varied poetic structures.


This was triggered by Brenda Arledge's weekly prompts to aid creativity.

I’m lagging behind with my responses, so I thought I’d play catch-up simply by doing the last three all in one! Hope you don’t mind, Brenda!

So here is my effort at ‘Yesterday’, ‘Majestic’, and ‘Madness’.

You and I

You and I


Tomorrow never comes but yesterday is here forever,

you in my mind and in my heart.

Today is but a flirting glimpse of what exists within,

you by my side and in my heart.

The future? Unknown, guessed at, hopes are high,

while fears hide low, inside my head.

Who knows? We can but plan, to make tomorrow’s yesterdays

here forever, a memory held

in my mind and in my heart.

Willow Trees

Willow Trees


Tree - I worship thee, majestically

soaring to azure, surveying soil, field and sky,

spreading your shelter, your sap producing

green fingers of protection,

your creatures within a city of webs

woven in tendrils, twigs, branches, trunk.

Tree - I worship thee, majestically

offering absorption of ills, exhaling our source

of life, knitting the earth, offering sustenance,

feeding our souls within,

baring your beauty for all to see,

a canopy of colour, texture, dappled light.

Tree - I worship thee, majestically

welcoming the world, from grub to man, to biding bird,

crooking for nests, bark-wood for the pecker,

strong branch for climbing man,

your varied face, rainbow complexion,

majestic in wondrous, uplifted solemnity.

Mad Alien

Mad Alien


Who is mad? You or I?

That there dog or that there fly?

And how is madness quantified?

Just don’t ask me; my brain is fried!

Why are we here? Where are we?

What is there to do or see?

I’ll just go and ask that bee,

he hums a lot, must have the key.

Did I ask you who you are?

Did you say you’d come from far?

Did you come by train or car?

Are you going now? Ta-ta!

Prompting Creativity

It's great to have prompts, even when you often have plenty of ideas of your own. Why? Because it takes your imagination to places you might not otherwise go, maybe out of your comfort zone, maybe trying different styles or subjects.

If you haven't already, have a go at these word prompts. Brenda offers one every week. Even if you don't usually write poetry, you never know until you've tried.

You may be a poet, and you didn't know it!

This was something straight off the cuff, so I might add to it later. I'm aware it lacks the quota of words but then poetry is like that. What's the point in forcing a word-count when it ruins the feel, or the rhythm, or what the subject demands? Spontaneity is so important. Just write down what you feel. You can always go back to spruce it up, tighten it, add some flair. Feelings and inspiration are the key - go where they take you and then sort it all out later!

© 2021 Ann Carr

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