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Poetry Prompt Challenge: Special Needs Parenting

Brittany is an autism mom and self-published author. Her son was diagnosed with autism in November of 2020.


A special needs child is defined as a youth who has been determined to require special attention/needs that other children do not need. The baby stage can last longer because of delays, and more severe cases can lead parents to being a full time care taker to their children. Lack of sleep is the new normal and staying home is preferred to going out. Routine is important to you and your child. Getting a diagnosis for your child can make you feel like your loosing your membership to the fun mom group. Many times I've felt like I'm walking alone on this special needs parenting journey because other simply cannot handle my lifestyle. Isolation hits parents harder than anything, and depression can be a serious issue because of lack of friendships. I am constantly fatigued and run myself ragged, but all parents push themselves for the sake of their children's well being. It truly takes a village to raise a child with special needs, especially when the parent is burnt out and needs a break. I attend therapy sessions five days a week after my son attends preschool in the mornings, and weekends I play housewife while attending to my son's needs. I rarely get a moment to myself. The moments I get I dedicate to writing or sleeping. I could write an entire blog on the lifestyle of special needs parents, but this hub is dedicated towards poetry. Let's dive right into poetic words.

Poems About Special Needs Children

I do not like the games you play

I'll entertain myself another way

I do not read books, but I'll give them a taste

Items enter my mouth when close to my face

I'm picky with food and textures are strange

I do not do well with intense change

I like to spin the wheels on my toy car

I daydream and people think I'm lost afar

Communication is hard

This makes me feel blue

I choose to stay quiet when I'm near you

I have special interests I'm passionate about

If I can't enjoy them, I'll space out

My brain is different from most, you see

I'm awkward and exquisitely me

By: Brittany Benko

The parents of children with special needs have special needs that need to be met by the rest of us

It might be a bowl of love at their doorstep every day

As mother takes teenage daughter to bathe

No longer an infant that is easy to handle

Now the weight of the daughter is more than mother can bear

But never the less, mother is mother

May it be in providing food that father helps or in cradling daughter after a nightmare

Both parents of the special needs children need to be treated with special care

By: Bahareh Amidi

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