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Poetry: Poem in Peace

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Poem in Peace

My day just passed.
Flowing like a river whose riverbed is just sand and maybe even mud
Heavy? no. Just flowed with fine pebbles as a hoof
Beautiful? sure.
Not because of the abundance of material but because of the abundance of emotions.

Everything is complete without exception
There is no reason not to be grateful
Until that day came so tense
Someone has been lost, emptied the beauty
So precious is he?
Until all of them weeping
I can also give love as he gives us, even more.

But still not like the love he gave, she said
The emotions are beautiful, turning tears into laughter
Why it can be a beauty? I asked
Would not it be better to let tears, laughter, and anger alone.

That's what makes him worthy of love, she replied
But his hand, his body, was not able to give all his emotions again.
Only sad that covered a little smile that even her smile clearly visible was moaning
It can no longer be, covering up his emotions with his emotions for the happiness of his surroundings

He has gone with poems in peace
It is time we pay all that he has done
Enough with prayer and make him in the heaven with just one emotion,
Happy smiling


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