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Poetry, Oh My Poetry


Poetry is such joy for me,

in everything I do write,

As I put words upon the page,

as a bird in its flight.

Each subject that I address,

its own personality,

My choice of subjects far and wide,

all from A to Z.

A magic wand we each possess,

it is a certainty,

Never to mind penmanship,

is as easy as can be.

Serious subjects, of the historical,

all has a place, we see,

As magicians sweep the course,

its serendipity.


Imaginations may all run rampant,

all across our every page,

A pirate's ship in the distance,

or fun comedy is the rage.

A pearly moon hangs in the sky,

stars all flicker to and fro,

Magnolia bloom's sweet nectar,

is that feeling we all know.

As we follow paths deep in woods,

this many do so enjoy,

The childhood entertainment sought,

by every small girl and boy.

Poetry, oh my sweet poetry,

you always help me understand,

Why I write late in the night,

now come on, join the band.


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