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Silent Screams

Bachelors Degree in Organizational Behavioral Psychology with a background in Autism, Mental Health, Business Psychology. Sales Management.


“I Wish You Missed Me” By: Chase Wright

Vows Said To Be Broken

I can’t explain the feeling,

when you let me go.

No words adequately convey;

say it’s not so.

The pain flashes like lightening;

hole in my chest.

Wanting to get the words out;

how to say it best.

Nothing could prepare me;

no fight did you raise.

“It’s probably for the best,”

Outcome of year craze.

It’s not the best times;

that marriage is found on.

Love that refuses to lose;

not “when hard-run” con.

You promised to love me;

never leave me like the rest.

To not have me sit in pain;

not knowI got just to wonder.

I cried leaving you dying heart;

to fix the toxic evil.

Our marriage I‘m protecting;

fighting a different devil.

You couldn’t show emotion;

no reassurance of love.

You promised I’d not lose you;

god sent from above.

I feel you gave up long before;

I’d always fight thats me.

In a second that changed;

never would I matter first you see.

Stop with the we will see;

you don’t just up leave

It’s the hardships God tests us;

you just don’t want to fight for me.




You promised and I feel you don’t plan on saving you and me;

because than you’d have to put our love first you see.

You promised me and I can’t breathe,

I lost my fight

You are like all the rest,

this time forever gone my light.

You promised you’d never give up and you are letting me die inside;

I lost everything this last year…

.I never thought I’d lose you too…

© 2020 Abby Rourk

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