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Personal Poems


People often say poetry is a thing of the past or there isn't an audience for it. I believe these naysayers are wrong. The art of poetry can never go out of style. It is filled with creativity.

Poetry in my mind will always withstand the test of time. Here are some of my own personal poems.


In my solitude, I dabble with fate

and write my own song

The track spills over with

tears as I count the years

learnt in trial and error

In my solitude I am she

The dreamer

My River Nile

This river so momentously deep that

it bares the tide of a past not yet forgotten

Slave workers on fields of cotton

My River Nile flows like tear drops on a

cold winter night.

The definition of Peace

Peace is a concept that habors in

the soul

A short lived high

A free spot to just

let go

Peace is a memory

that put our lives in perfect


It is a moment of silence

to remember those who have

passed on

Peace is a song

written by the brave

Old Age

I don't think I will get there

grey haired and frail

My little body moving at

the speed of an snail

The big seventy something

My thoughts a little wiser

If it ever happens

Old Age

I will pledge to live

my life with grace and discernment

For the Record

My name should be Susan because

I'm so full of personality

My head a puzzle with many pieces

I am she the poet

painting pictures of art with every

word scribbled to paper

I think, I have done it all

But I'm still searching for a meaning to life

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