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Poetry : My Good Name

I have been writing poems and short stories for years, some of which I have published independantly. I also blog. Writing is a loved hobby.


When Your Soul Guides Your Journey

As an aspiring poet, most of my poems are inspired by my own life's journey. Many times, I let my feelings guide me. I let my emotion be the staff which leads my path, the pen which writes my words, the light to brighten my otherwise mundane life's pages.

Arguably, some people would say that the emotions are not the best guide to one's decision making.

I agree, rather, to a degree. Emotions certainly can inspire, though, there's no denying that. Whether the inspiration is for good or bad, is another matter.

In my case, many a time I let my emotions be my guide in writing poetry. This particular poem I wrote, "My Good Name" is one I wrote when I was feeling particular emotional.

(Yes, I do realize that I am using that word a lot, 'emotion'. But rather fitting, no? Kind of drive in my point).

The story behind this poem, I will tell in another article, keep an eye out on this page.


My Good Name

Writing all my pains away,
Trying to make it through the day,
finding a way to make joy stay
….but what shall I say?

Trying to survive this pain,
Upon this bed I am lain,
My thoughts drifting in vain
stumbling through mind’s dark plain.

Oh what shall I do?
Can I find comfort from you,
When all is coming through
In sorrow and rue?

When tears fall down,
There remains the smile of a clown
And no cheering spectators around
No clapping, no sound.

I am extremely desirous
To get lost in the forest
Of dark mind so curious
Full of despair carnivorous.

But even in my darkest hour,
I cannot let my heart go sour,
To not leap from the high tower
Of what keeps my soul prisoner.

I have not forgotten
When I was first begotten
In travail but triumphant
Of life’s first tribulation.

Indeed I do, indeed I am
Living my life with no shame
Even with no wealth and no fame,
Except for my good name.


© 2020 Lynne Samuel

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