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Poetry Month April 2018: Two Poems; 'People and Places' and 'On the Breeze'

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Ann loves to write poetry and stories. Current poetry on Nature, Travel & beyond, including varied poetic structures.

Poetry Month - April 2018

Please take the time to consider the places in the photos. They portray great differences, yet they all need to be cherished by man. We can ruin forests, change the feel of a place, muddy the waters.

Decide for yourself what you see in these places, what you appreciate, how you would want them to be (stay the same or not?). Think of places around you and how you react with them, how they affect you.

I'm trying to keep up the pace, to write a poem for each day of April, but so far I've managed only these two. Twenty-eight to go, so not necessarily one each day! No promises but I'll try to reach 30 before the end of the month.

People and Places

Do people make places

or is it vice versa?

Just click on the country,

position your cursor.

Then you can choose the location to see;

simple as that, off you go, for a fee.

But is it that simple,

a tick on the list?

I hope not, for you must

consider ‘what’s this?’

And then make that choice, but be sure not to miss

the fact that we influence all that exists.

All nature was first.

This forest, that river,

did it not exist

before you, was it ever

a vision of beauty, so verdant, a-quiver?

Will it stay that way or will it make you shiver?

It must always be so,

not just a man’s ploy

to use or abuse,

but imbibe with pure joy.

It’s there to be cherished,

to show us, to feel

some sense of its wonder,

to make our minds reel.

Places make people.

Observe closely, feel!

AFC April 2018

Destruction by Man

Do We Continue?

This was prompted by a poem written by Shyron E Shenko, about Twitter and Trump. It got me thinking about the sanity of those who push the button or send any other type of bombs.

It's a somewhat idealistic poem but I wanted to share my thoughts anyway.

On the Breeze

Bright and breezy, she’s that way,

Lightly comes the breeze today,

carrying from far away

a whisper of success, but…

It’s on the breeze, it’s in the air.

She doesn’t really have a care;

should she, though, just be aware

of something brewing west?

Breezing by without a thought,

she misses signs the clouds have brought.

I think it’s time she looked and caught

the message of unrest.

She refused the negative,

always wanted positive,

couldn’t deal with relatively

difficult events,

so ignored the news that day

saying bombs were on their way,

thought of war, of an affray,

as merely a pretence.

Full of hope, she clung to plans,

success over in foreign lands,

then one bomb into her hands

changed all; it made no sense.

Bright and breezy it came that day,

on the breeze, bringing affray,

then she listened, tried to say

what she would do to fight.

As she sat in her wheelchair,

after months of patchwork care,

she thought it fruitless, so unfair

and vowed to put it right.

Something different must be done,

all before had died or run.

There must be power in words not guns.

She searched for some insight.

Her words were read across the world,

All corners searched, all flags unfurled,

All pledged to try to stem, uncurl

the trigger-spring of hate.

She could not do, she could only write,

spread these words on the internet breeze:

You are the stone in the middle of the pond.

Push out those gentle ripples of love to those close to you, then gently further.

If there is resistance, then use a bigger stone, larger ripples to reach more shores.

LOVE is the answer. Nothing else will do.

AFC April 2018

Beauty or Beast?

Beauty in Sunsets

Beauty in Sunsets

Beastly Death (Thiepval, France)

Beastly Death (Thiepval, France)

© 2018 Ann Carr