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[Poetry] Lost

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I know you're in there

somewhere, deep inside.

Lost and searching

part of you has died.

You watch me, staring

not seeing me at all.

You see the child, who isn't there

beside the wall!

Sometimes I think

I can still see your light.

The moment passes

I'm not sure I was right.

There used to be laughter,

there used to be skill.

A thief came a took that

and made you so ill.

Where are you gone to?

Are you alright?

You're living a half-life

between day and night.

There is no sense,

no rhyme or reason now.

The time has come

to take your final bow.

So go to the freedom,

go into the light.

Farewell my sweet darling,

goodnight and sleep tight.

Aideen Donohue 2020

© 2020 Kerdon

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