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Poetry Live in the stone Age

Halley loves to write and wants to convey messages through his simple writings through poetry and short stories.



Now we have forgotten about peace
what we are looking for is happiness
now we forget about the environment around us
the environment in which we grow and develop

Today we only remember only to fill a hungry stomach
it doesn't matter if the stomach has been swollen by greed

our mouths open wide to eat anything
eat neatly packed garbage
eat the carcass wrapped in a promotional display
eat poison that is served at a low price

our mouths like the roar of a tractor engine that accepts anything that enters
without thinking about the consequences.

We go back to the stone age
start hunting to stand at the top of the highest food chain

we go back to the stone age
start hunting to become the strongest

we go back to the stone age
start hunting to become the greatest ruler

Stone Age that is ready to remove all obstructions
including forgetting relatives and colleagues.

Stone Age that continues to hone new weapons
looking for areas that can be mastered
for a mountain of gold and a pile of mounting money
to be stored in a vanity bag.
which can be exhibited at any time in the stone age.

we are currently living at such times
who have forgotten to look tenderly at each other
give hope through cooperation and help.

we are now deceived by the stone age
talk this on electronic rock
read on social networks
in the name of truth

we have understood a reality.
we live in the stone age
by having a stone heart
hardened mind
only to justify that we are advanced human beings.

© 2018 Halley Kawistoro

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