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Poetry Inspired By God

I am a certified pastor and an active Christian of over 15 years, The Lord has made His voice known to me. I have heard and seen His angels.


Here you can find a small collection of my poetry based on scripture.

Please enjoy these poems inspired by a God on fire!


Breath, In and out it goes,

to where? No-one knows.

Does it dance across the meadow’s dew or reach up towards the sky’s bright blue?

Does it frost the windows at night and sing with the birds by day?

Where does thy breath prefer to play?

Will we ever know?

Where does each breath go?


He loved us first,

I love Him back.
He saved the world,

now that’s a fact.

We spread the word,

like a forest fire.

We lift His name,

higher and higher.

With one strong voice,

filled with love,

we sing as a choir.

To show our love,for the eternal savior.

Yes we walk,

to the beating drum,

as disciples of the Lord,

we have come!

So raise your voice,

join the choir.

Yes raise your voice,

higher and higher.

For every voice,

joined in the choir,

shows the world,

that God’s on fire.

His Love is true,

of that we’re sure.

We’ll keep on singing,

from door to door.


Morning dawns, mist, yawns. Eyes open to a brand new day.

It is clear, that He is here. Kneel, pray.
He shows me the beauty in coffee, bagels.

As I leave the house, trees, whispers, they speak of unfailing love.

The day begins, trust in Him, oh what a precious day.

Dawn falls, dark, cold. Yet He has lit a way. Bright, path. Everything will be okay.

He leads me home. A safe place, I call my own.

Again I kneel, pray. I am His. He is mine. Never out of sight……

Good night.

© 2022 Miranda Hurtado

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