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Poetry (Indian) Factual error

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Factual error

No contact with you for two years today.

Not that I haven't tried.

But again and again, how many dirty hands ,how many brute spirits ,,have crushed me.

But you could run if you wanted....

If you wanted, all the fragments and fractions... could have attained perfection in an instant.

But you didn't.

Instead, drunk on revenge, you made me the only enemy in this world.

Your every minute curse gifted me a living corpse very soon.

So sleep with death every day now.

I can't clean the bed sheet even in seven days...

Every morning when I make tea and eat it...

Shit can't be eaten... still eat ! awkward type.

You know when I cut my hair and beard?

I don't remember either !

Well, you could have called me one day....

Go tomorrow morning and cut your hair and beard, or you will never sleep without making your bed.

I also did not take notice of your fever.

When the power goes out at night, I don't fan you with a palm fan.

Nor did I send you a happy birthday message.

I know why now I just like being in the dark.

Only and...washing....

Well, she spoke the truth...

You are happy today ?

You now have a new family ... a new husband ... a new passion ...

I am also alive by closing my eyes, eating in hotels..getting drunk...not dying.

But our Adrija, our Durga?

Tell him what was wrong?

But tell me who will suffer the consequences of their sins for the rest of their lives !

Make him understand every day if you can... "Your father is dead".

Your father was violent.

He used to treat me like an animal.

Convince her in such a way that she can never love me for the rest of his life.

O God, forgive me, we have taken away the basic rights of that flower-like child.

She will have to pay the price of our mistakes for the rest of har life. are fine mother(adrija/Durga).

© 2022 Raj

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