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Poetry: From The Abundance of the Heart

Poetry: From the Abundance of the Heart


Is it Yours?

Every word from your lips is propaganda to me

I still don't understand your logic

Is it yours? Have you no shame?

What right did you have to say the things you said?

What right do you have to do the things you do?

Are you feeling the same hurt?

Have you worshiped the same god he worshiped?

Have you loved the same people he loved?

Are his memories copyrighted in your name?

Do you feel his pleasure, his pain?

Have you struggled with the things he struggled with?

Desired the things he desired?

The life he lived, was it borrowed from you?

Is it yours? Is this you? Really you

You who ate a man then stole his story.


I am irreparably broken, but I refuse to shatter

I don't care about the cause, it doesn't matter

What I am, what I would have been, is not yet discarded

All I need is some insight from those who departed

I'm not easily broken, I'm just shards apart

I've lost all focus, I can't find my heart

But when i'm laying around and you think that's the end

With my edges upturned, you, to the doctor i'll send

Never underestimate me, or assume since i'm broken

That I'm immune to your hits or harsh words you've spoken

I don't disregard you, I'm not one to fable

Though I'm a few month's broken, I'm forever unbreakable

Love and Hurt

Behind the comments I make, there's an underlying meaning

It's up to the people I converse with, to find it

I guess most of the time, the think I'm just playing

But behind the joke, the serious words sit.

When I think I cant say something out loud or outright

I turn it into riddles like i'm dong now

The hurts or the joys, each day or each night

Are sometimes not voiced, cause I don't know how.

Love, is a word I am hesitant to use

Though i'm sure I have loved before

And when I was emotionally hurt, I was given an excuse

Until finally, I could take it no more.

I think about things often, I'm not sure if its regret

But I sometimes think I've let it go

Exactly why i'm like this, they're clueless I bet

But until I'm ready, they will never know.

So, now, I try not to get too deeply involved

Using underlying words and continuous flirt

But maybe, again, if I've found I'm in love

And it's not said aloud, maybe it won't hurt.