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Poetry Collaboration

Anupam has been in teaching for ten years, giving life training along with language training. She believes in the collective consciousness.



A journey from birth to the last breath,

Where one sows seeds of one's interest,

And as a result, crosses heaven and hells,

With each step gaining or losing the faith. (A)

It starts with the innocence of childhood,

Nurtured, and moulded by the environment,

Our unique personality takes over,

And the choices we make shape our future. (J)

We keep learning from the close ones,

As well as the ones, we see around us,

Mistakes become our best teacher of life,

At every stage teaching us to improvise. (A)

‘Watch and learn’ should be our mantra in life,

Always striving to improve on past efforts,

And aiming to be the very best we can,

Our eyes always focussed on the end goal. (J)

There is a goal that's fixed and eternal,

That shouldn't be moved by any external,

And there are a few more changing colours,

Shifting with the capricious cravings. (A)

So, live a life that makes a difference,

Prove that you were created for a purpose,

And that even the smallest things you do,

Add positive vibes to the world around. (J)

Varied problems may arrive and leave

At times you might feel all alone,

But the one who will be always with you

Is the one who resides within, your soul. (A)

What's Life?

The question of life is one of the most complicated or absurd questions, isn't it?

As deep we get into this curiosity that much puzzled we become. Why are we living this life? What's the purpose of this life? When we have to die already then why do we need to take birth? Isn't it like entering a room from one door, play for a while and then leave from the other door?

When we are to meet our loved ones, how excited we are, how many plannings we have for the meeting but when we meet and then depart it all look like nonsense. Why did we meet on the first hand if we had to leave each other?

I didn't indulge in this question this much till I myself experienced death from very close. I gave birth to a premature child who died within three days of her birth. Till today I regret not looking at her face when the doctor showed her to me. I was nauseous at that time so couldn't look at the blood-soaked child then. Because of her problems, she was shifted to NICU and once she left it was not revealed to me as I might break my stitches in that emotional trauma. Somehow that accidentally was broken to me by some relative and I had some problem in my stitches. I am feeling the same sort of pain while typing this. I didn't understand yet, why was she born if she didn't have anything to do in this life? What was the motif behind that?

Okay, let's explore our own life. What are we doing? What kind of changes are we able to bring in this world? What are we going to do in the end? Modernization, industrialization, mechanization ....what next? What kind of civilization are we talking about? Is it about wealth, knowledge, wisdom, popularity, or something else?

Recently I started to read a book based on the conversations of U G Krishnamurthy, titled "Thought is Your Enemy" which shows through various examples that this preparation to have utter fulfilment of any desire is nonsense. He states that the body can't take uninterrupted pleasure for long; it would be destroyed. And reading his thoughts has really shattered all my thoughts.

© 2020 Anupam Mitu

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