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[Poetry] Budding Artist

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Budding artist

“Who’s been writing on the wall?”

the frazzled mother sighed,

“Not me Mum, it was her”

the 2-year-old denied.

“Well what’s that crayon in your hand?”

the mum continued on,

“Oh this Mum, this is Laura’s –

she said she won’t be long.”

“I don’t think Laura wrote that;

the writing’s down too low”

“I’m doing my best Mum –

I’m only 2 you know!”

She smiled down at her daughter’s

innocent blue eyes,

“I guess you’ll be an artist then,

but baby – no more lies.”

“I’m fed up with that wall color

anyway you know,

Now jammies on and brush your teeth

off to bed you go.”

Aideen Donohue 2020

© 2020 Kerdon

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